This is what your old Moshi Monsters avatar says about you

If you used Luvli you give off big Tory energy, soz x

The hold that Moshi Monsters had on me in the years 2009-12 was phenomenal. If you didn’t spend every day of your childhood running home from school to check in on your Moshling before your brother could kick you off the family computer then don’t talk to me.

The fun video game allowed you to adopt a digital “Moshling” that you could customise, play games with and take shopping. Buying a monthly membership (I WISH) also allowed you to take your Moshlings on secret missions.

But which Moshi Monster avatar you chose really says a lot about you as a person and if you chose Zommer, all I can say is, I’m sorry.

So here’s what Moshi Monster you chose says about the kind of person you are now.



Sorry to break it to you, but you’re as basic as it gets. Now no Poppet slander here as I was a proud Poppet gal myself, but you definitely exclusively shop at Urban Outfitters or Zara and your uniform is flared Topshop jeans with *those* halter neck tops from Urban. You definitely know the ones.

You one hundred per cent study business or marketing at a uni like Leeds or Exeter, and your bedroom wall is covered in a tapestry you bought on your gap yah.

Your go-to pub order is a cheeky Aperol spritz or porntsar martini, and you never miss an episode of Love Island. Your idol is definitely Molly Mae.


If you chose Zommer, you were definitely the type of person to bark at me in year seven and you still terrify me to this day. Straight off the bat, you’re very weird.

Big gamer vibes here. You exclusively drink monster and have an array of empty cans displayed on your windowsill to show everyone how edgy you are. You definitely still use XD unironically.

You probably study something like computer science or physics at uni and have an exclusively male friend group who choose to call women “females”.


Katsuma is such a bad bitch with chaotic energy and I love her. If your go-to was Katsuma you’re definitely very fiesty and will fight anyone that messes with your mates. You probably did some cool sport like Karate in school.

You’re always running off on nights out and coming back with random bruises and a Maccies at 7am. Your phone is constantly smashed to pieces.

You’re definitely a cuffed mom jeans and tote bag with a book you’ve never read inside kind of person. But you’re probably vegan and have made it your sole personality trait.

You definitely have an extensive Croc collection.



If you were Diavlo you’re an e-girl/boy now there’s no doubt about it. Massive “shall we grab a bag” energy, yet you know how to have a good time. You definitely love a good rave where you can show off your finest “wavy garms”.

You were one hundred per cent made fun of for being emo in school but just haven’t quite moved on from your My Chemical Romance phase yet.

But you’re definitely very edgy and are always at gigs by bands that are “so underground you wouldn’t have heard of them.”

Go easy on the eyeliner though, it isn’t 2014 x



If your favourite monster was Furi you are definitely a certified soft boi now. You’re the baby of the friend group who always steals your flatmate’s milk and is nowhere to be seen without your crusty old dressing gown.

You haven’t washed your bedding in a good four weeks and have new specimens of mould growing in an array of mugs in your room. You’re still very chill and fun to be around, however. Your mum probably still buys all your clothes doesn’t she? And they’re always from somewhere like Next right?

You definitely call your family pet “doggo” and “pupper”.


Not gonna lie, if you were Luvli you give off big Tory energy. You were definitely one of the popular girls who terrified me in school but you also give off big horse girl vibes?

You might live off a hefty trust fund and call your parents “mummy and daddy” but that doesn’t stop you making bank by selling “garms” you found in the charity shop for triple the price. Either that or you’re “being your own boss xx” in a pyramid scheme. You do your weekly shop in M&S or Waitrose.

Girlboss, gatekeep, gaslight energy x

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