Jake’s dad has said he’s ‘too stupid’ to have a game plan in the Love Island villa

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The last few episodes of Love Island have been a bit of a turning point for Jake Cornish, but one person who is sure he can’t be playing a game is his dad – because he says he’s “too stupid” to do so.

Jake has been branded a “snake” by viewers and his fellow Islander Faye called him a “show man” for telling Liberty he loved her – only when she asked him if he did. For a while now people have been questioning how he really feels about Liberty, and if he might have coupled up with her and asked her to be his girlfriend with the £50k prize fund in the back of his head. Jake and Liberty were voted one of the least genuine couples in the villa by the public, despite being the only ones to put a girlfriend and boyfriend label on their relationship.

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However, Jake’s dad Mark has said the viewers have got the situation all wrong, and his son’s feelings are 100 per cent genuine. He said he has “no motive” behind his actions, and sometimes just “speaks before he thinks”. Speaking to Bristol Live, Mark said: “What you see on telly is Jake. There is no motive. He is genuine but he speaks before he thinks, so when you see him on the telly saying things, it’s because it’s coming from his heart and he’s just a nice lad.”

He added: “I think that’s why in his mind, he didn’t say he loved Liberty from the beginning – because of the timing. He obviously loves her because he wouldn’t have waited so long to tell her otherwise.” He added that the show’s editing could be behind how Jake has come across to the viewers. “I don’t know whether some of it is being staged or not because when Liberty came back onto the sofa, not one of the girls reassured her that he may have said what he said because he actually loves her. They may have been told to react like that,” he added.

Jake Cornish is 'too stupid' to have a game plan with Liberty in the Love Island villa says his dad

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He said the viewers only see him on the show and don’t know him in real life, joking that he’s “not intelligent enough” to have the game plan the public suspect him of having. Mark said: “They [the public] just see him on the telly and think that he’s in it for the money or he’s a bit of a, you know, bit of a snake and you know, I’m not being horrible to Jake but he’s not intelligent enough to have a game plan!”

Mark added that from now on he hopes the public have “turned a corner” with their feelings towards his son, adding: “Jake and Liberty have been strong from day one and I think the others felt it was a good idea to get rid of them, so they had a better chance at winning the show.

“It’s quite hard to stomach the comments that people write, it’s not nice when he hasn’t done anything wrong and it’s just the way he has been made to look.”

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