Love Island Gossip Column: A deleted sex scene with Brad! And two dumped Islanders caught kissing?!

Jack Grealish has been liking one dumped Islander’s pictures 👀

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Hugo wants to get to know Priya when she leaves the villa

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from inside the villa and the dumped Islanders

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Hugo is showing no signs of giving up on love, because he’s now said he’s keen to get to know Priya when she leaves the villa. Like he hasn’t had enough chances with various Love Island girls already?! Speaking on Lorraine, he said: “I saw Priya go in and oh, you know, having just seen bits and bobs of her over the last couple of episodes, she looks like a great girl and I would have loved to have got to know her. But unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to do that.”

There was a deleted sex scene between Rachel and Brad?!

Ok hold on because apparently there was a sex scene between RACHEL AND BRAD that we never got to see?! Speaking on The Sun’s About Last Night show, fellow dumped Islander, Chuggs, revealed: “Brad was spanking Rachel in the bedroom—it was so loud they [the other Islanders] all heard.

“I didn’t witness it, but I got told about it after I left. When I got booted off Brad and Rachel were coupled up and shared a bed. I heard he was requested to give Rachel a big spank! It was a big old noise and everyone was looking.” The next day Rachel was telling the girls about them “dry-humping”.

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Laura Whitmore has snapped back at people saying this season is boring

Loads of people have been commenting that this year’s Love Island is more boring than over series. In an interview with The Lateish Show with Mo GilliganLaura responded to fans comments, saying: “Oh, they say that every year!” She added: “Then week two, they start to warm up a little bit. Then week three, they’re kind of getting into it. Then week four, Casa Amor. Bam! Everyone’s into it and they say it’s the best year so far. We still have two weeks to go. It’s long.”

Jack Grealish has been liking Lillie’s photos on Instagram

Uh-oh, footballer Jack Grealish has been caught in 4k liking Casa Amor Islander Lillie’s Instagram pics. According to the Daily Mail, he liked “a string” of her bikini pictures, before deleting the interaction a few days later. A source told MailOnline: “Lillie couldn’t believe Jack even knows who she is, let alone took the time to like her uploads on Instagram. It was disappointing he unliked the photos days later, but it’s possible he didn’t want his girlfriend finding out. She was complimented nonetheless, and hopes one day they’ll cross paths so she can ask him about it.”

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from inside the villa and the dumped Islanders

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Ex-Islanders are saying both Liberty and Jake will be in trouble for their drama last night

Last night saw a lot go down between official couple, Jake and Liberty. In the height of the discussions, Liberty asked the girls what they felt about it all, and it ended in Jake briefly storming out of the villa. Ex-Islander, Shaughna Phillips, tweeted at the time saying Jake is probably not on the producers’ good list after he was seen taking his mic off in the middle of his angered moment.

Someone replied to her tweet asking if it’s “panic stations” for producers when an Islander does this, and she said: “Omg 10000 per cent! You’re absolutely not allowed to do that! I would only do it in protest or when I wanted a cigarette and they were ignoring my request”.

Also in the drama, Liberty questioned if Jake’s affection towards her was just for the cameras. Faye has previously called him a “show man” and the public voted them as one of the least genuine couples. Ex-Islander, Sam Gowland, said that Liberty mentioning they were on a TV show and openly asking about the cameras is against the rules. In a tweet, he said: “So a little TV knowledge for u here… when filming ur strictly not aloud to talk about ‘been on camera’ or anything related to been on TV. So for Love Island to actually air Lib saying that Jake must have been playing up to the camera for some time believe me.”


Danny has gone IN on how edited the show is

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from inside the villa and the dumped Islanders

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Remember Danny Bibby? No? He was a bombshell this year who cracked on with Lucinda for a bit but then got dumped. Ringing a few bells? Whilst he was in the villa he was called out by Women’s Aid for “manipulative” behaviour towards Lucinda, but he’s now saying his entire narrative during the show was edited. In a TikTok, he said: “I can’t emphasise enough how the show is made to be a show for entertainment. If they add someone as the ‘bad boy’ then showed me laughing and joking with Kaz, messing around with everyone, it wouldn’t fit the storyline. So they’ve got to edit it.”

He added: “I’m the nicest guy ever. But I do get why people think I’m some absolute psycho because I was the only one who had a pair of balls and said something when someone did something wrong. Some people need to relax and understand you’re watching an edited show for a story. If they showed you what everyone got up to you wouldn’t be interested, it’s just everyone having fun on holiday basically.”

Danny and Lucinda kissed when they reunited after the villa??

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The Mirror is reporting that Lucinda “snogged” Danny Bibby when they went to a club together after leaving the villa. But she left with Aaron? And then broke up with him and got back with Brad? I’m confused. Whilst there’s actually no evidence of said kiss, the publication is saying it happened – alongside some pictures of them looking very close.

Jake has a job with Dreamboys waiting for him after his heart race challenge lmao

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from inside the villa and the dumped Islanders

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After his impressive performance as The Viking during the heart race challenge, Jake said:  “If the Dreamboys are watching, get on my phone now. Get me there today, that’s what I thrive off!” And, it looks like his career is just beginning. Managing Director of Dreamboys, Alice Woods, told the Sun: “We were very impressed with Jake’s dance moves last night – we certainly think he’s got what it takes to be the next Dreamboy! Maybe after the show he can visit the boys and they can put him through his paces to see if he really has what it takes?”

Brett was scouted for this year’s cast

According to a report, new Islander Brett was “swamped” with DMs from producers about him appearing on the show. His twin brother Scott has revealed he was cast after producers slid into his DMs, and it wasn’t the first time he had been approached.

“Brett works in fashion so he’s got a bit of an online presence already,” he said to Andy Twigge on BBC Radio Derby. “He had a few messages from casting agents and directors and producers, and after a couple of messages back and forth he got on a call with a producer and it went from there. He’s had it a little bit in the past for other shows and for Love Island, and I think this year with how his studies were going, he was like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna do it.'”

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The meet the parents episode is coming!

It was looking like the iconic meet the parents episode, where the Islanders’ family members come to the villa and meet everyone, may have been cancelled this year amid the pandemic – but according to reports it’s back on! The Sun reports that double-jabbed mums and dads will get the chance to visit their kids in the flesh instead of over Zoom, which had been expected.

A source said: “It’s always the most tense day of the series and Millie and Teddy’s parents will have seen a lot on TV that their kids don’t know about. In fact, all of the friends and family will have outsider gossip to tell the cast, so a lot of them should be very nervous – Jake included. The plan is to fly out the families to Spain if they’re double jabbed and happy to travel within the rules. Then there will be a socially-distanced meeting – and there will be fireworks.”


The dumped Islanders have all been meeting up, which is cute

Ex-Islanders Hugo, Sharon, Brad and Chuggs have all reunited in London after their villa exits. On Thursday last week, they all went out for dinner together and they shared loads of pictures and TikToks.

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from inside the villa and the dumped Islanders

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Sharon and Aaron have also been meeting up, as have Brad and Lucinda and Lucinda and Danny. Cute!!

Molly-Mae turned down £2million to work with a high street brand

When she was in the villa, Molly-Mae was nicknamed “Money Mae” because people questioned if she was really with Tommy Fury for love. Two years on, they’re still together and she’s revealed she turned down £2million to work with a brand – so I guess that puts the doubters in their place. Yes, she really is in the position to turn down TWO MILLION POUNDS.

In a YouTube video with her manager, she says she was approached by a high street fashion retailer to be the face of their brand, but she wouldn’t do it because she doesn’t actually shop there. So, not all influencers are in it for the money – some are actually genuine to their followers! Good for you, Molly-Mae!

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