how bad is your spotify test

This new Spotify test will rate your music taste and it is savage AF

I am feeling very attacked rn

We all think we’ve got great taste in music, but if we’re being really honest we probably have incredibly basic taste and now a new test will tell you exactly how bad your Spotify is. Not only will this test give you a basic rating, but it will also roast you along the way. Be prepared – this test is only for those who can actually take criticism.

The How Bad is Your Spotify test was designed by The Pudding, a digital publication covering music, film and all things culture. The test has gone big on TikTok for just how savage its critique of everyone’s music taste is.

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Unlike other AI generated ratings of your Spotify, The Pudding’s test will not only give you a rating but also roast you whilst analysing.

The test asks you questions such as which three artists you would fuck, marry and kill. It will also ask if you’ve been to Coachella and if you genuinely listen to certain songs or are you doing it ironically. Of course I listen to the cast of Glee ironically…The results are then just as savage as the questions. It will tell you which songs you listen to too much and which artists you “stan to an uncomfortable extent”. Rude.

If that hasn’t put you off, then this how to access the How Bad Is Your Spotify test:

1. Go to the Pudding’s website using this link.

2. Log onto your Spotify.

3. Prepare to feel judged.

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