Young people to be offered cheaper Ubers and Deliveroo as incentives to get the vaccine

Only 67 per cent of young people have had the vaccine

Young people are to be offered cheaper Ubers and Deliveroo as incentives to get the vaccine, the government has announced.

This comes as vaccine uptake among the younger age group appears to be slow, with only around 67 per cent of 18-29-year-olds having received their first jab.

Last week, Boris Johnson was apparently “raging” about the slower vaccine uptake among young people and was reportedly considering making it mandatory for uni students to be double-jabbed before returning to campus.

That plan has since been scrapped, and now the government is trying an incentive-based approach to get young people vaccinated.

Uber is set to provide discounts on rides and meals for young people who get the jab, while Bolt will offer a ride credit. Uber will also be sending reminders to all users to get the vaccine.

Pizza Pilgrims, a chain or restaurants based in London, will be converting two of its sites into pop-up vaccination clinics, offering people a free slice of pizza with their jab.

“It really is, for us, just the right thing to do”, director at Pizza Pilgrims Gavin Smith told Sky News.

The government is also in talks with McDonald’s and Aldi to establish similar deals, The Times reports.

Around the world, different countries have been trialling a variety of incentives in order to encourage people to get vaccinated.

In Washington, over-21s can get free weed when they go to get their vaccine as part of the “Joints for Jabs” campaign.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, those who are vaccinated are entered into a lottery where they stand a chance of winning a Tesla, a gold bar or even a a $1.4m apartment.

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