Fear Street: 1978 cast

This is everywhere you recognise the cast of Netflix horror Fear Street: 1978 from

Yes that is Max from Stranger Things being an icon once again

Fear Street returned to Netflix over the weekend for part two of its time hopping horror trilogy, and the cast took us all right back to 1978 with this second instalment. After the end of 1994 left us with unanswered questions on how Deena and Josh were going to triumph over the curse haunting their town for generations, they checked in with C. Berman – the mysterious only survivor from the summer camp massacre.

Fear Street: 1978 picks up right there, with Berman (played by Gillian Jacobs) telling the full story of everything that happened in that brutal night at summer camp. It’s as much fun as 1994, and just as gory. Its young cast have the kind of faces you feel like you know from somewhere, so this will tell you EXACTLY where you might remember everyone in Fear Street: 1978 from.

Ziggy Berman, played by Sadie Sink

Fear Street: 1978 cast

Our main protagonist this time round is Ziggy Berman, played by the iconic Sadie Sink. Ziggy’s a great horror female lead, and really has the underdog strength and determination you want to root for.

Sadie Sink is known to most for her portrayal of Max in Stranger Things, but as well as this she’s starred in the 2019 thriller Eli and as Suzanne Ballard in the US show Odyssey.

Cindy Berman, played by Emily Rudd

Fear Street: 1978 cast

Emily Rudd stars as the secondary lead and Ziggy’s older sister: Cindy. Cindy’s the opposite to Ziggy’s rebellious vibe, and is the law-abiding camp role model. Emily Rudd hasn’t starred in much as of yet, but she had a role in The Romanoffs and was in Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You video??? Random.

Alice, played by Ryan Simpkins

Alice is the wild friend of the group, and quickly ends up stuck with Cindy for most of the film despite their tension-filled friendship. Alice is played by Ryan Simpkins, a non-binary actor that has had main roles alongside Colin Firth in A Single Man. They also starred in Pride and Glory and Revolutionary Road.

Tommy, played by McCabe Slye

The latest to fall victim to Sarah Fier’s vengeful witchcraft and possession is Cindy’s boyfriend Tommy, played by McCabe Slye. Slye is most known for his role as Ryan in The Destroyer opposite Nicole Kidman, or his role of Brett in The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

Sheila, played by Chiara Aurelia

Everyone’s favourite sadistic camp bully Sheila is played by American actress Chiara Aurelia. Chiara has recently had a main role on the new 2021 Hulu drama Cruel Summer, and was also in the terrifying Stephen King adaptation of Gerald’s Game on Netflix.

Nick Goode, played by Ted Sutherland

Rounding off the Fear Street: 1978 cast is Ted Sutherland as Nick Goode, the younger version of Ashley Zukerman’s character Sheriff Nick Goode from Fear Street: 1994. Sutherland is known for his role in The Walking Dead spin off show World Beyond.

Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Fear Street Part Two: 1978 are available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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