too hot to handle season two boy quiz

Quiz: Which of the Too Hot To Handle guys would you get with?

I’ll take Marvin please

All 10 episodes of Too Hot To Handle have now dropped on Netflix and with the insanely good looks of the cast it’s a wonder they have any money left at all. The six boys are fit, funny and actually pretty sweet under the surface of all their sexual energy. But which of the Too Hot To Handle season two boys would you get with? It’s time to find out with our quiz.

Though the boys are unbelievably gorgeous they all have distinct personalities that will match up with you. If you’re all about being single and having a good time then you’re probably best suited to someone like Cam. However if you’re looking for a more serious commitment with someone then maybe you’re best with Chase. Or if you’re looking for a sexy French man then obviously you’re ending up with Marvin.

In order to find out which of the season two Too Hot To Handle boys you’d be with answer nine questions about your dating preferences and we’ll reveal which of the six you’ll be with:

Which Too Hot To Handle guy would you get with?:

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