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Only Lin-Manuel Miranda would get full marks on this Hamilton lyrics quiz

Don’t throw away your shot

Ah, Hamilton. You either gave into the hype in 2015, or you actively avoided it and made your hatred for the musical clear. Either way, there’s no way you could have been at school when Hamilton opened on Broadway and not learnt at least a few of the songs, even if it was just because your mates would constantly sing around you. The musical is sung-through, meaning that literally every word is said in the form of song or rap. If you’ve memorised all the words, you’ve memorised the entire plot.

So test yourself with this quiz, and see how well you genuinely know Hamilton and all its lyrics. It was on the West End for three years before the pandemic, so you really have no excuse if you haven’t been to see it by now. If you can’t get tickets for its re-opening in August don’t fear, for you can watch a recording of the production on Disney Plus, with the iconic Lin-Manuel Miranda (the show’s creator) playing Alexander Hamilton himself.

Imagine you’re in The Room Where it Happens and take this quiz to see how many Hamilton lyrics you know:

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