Who is Katie Douglas? The 22-year-old actress who plays Lisa McVey in Believe Me

Everyone is talking about how tiny she looks in the film so yes, her height is included

Step aside any other young actresses, because the latest having her moment is 22-year-old Canadian Katie Douglas. She’s had an impressive year – she was in Ginny and Georgia, which soon became one of the biggest shows Netflix has ever had. And now, Netflix has added her 2018 film Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey which is a true crime drama where Katie plays the lead.

At the age of 22 she’s already been nominated for awards for her on-screen performances, and acting isn’t her only skill or hobby. So here’s everything you need to know about Katie Douglas, who is quickly becoming the new Netflix It Girl. Yes, you will probably be following her on Instagram very soon, if you don’t already.

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Katie Douglas is 22 and from Ontario, Canada

Katie Emily Douglas was born on October 19th 1998 in Burlington, Canada. She is now 22, and started acting when she was just a child. In an interview she spoke about how she had done TV adverts and modelling before turning to acting. “I was actually very young when I was given the opportunity [to act],” she said. “I think I did some kind of after-school summer camp and I was six years old. We had put on a play and one of the parents in the audience happened to be a casting agent. They sent me off to sign a contract and that’s how I got started.”

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey was released in 2018, and in it Katie plays 17-year-old Lisa, so her age is pretty much spot on to the age she was meant to be portraying at the time.

Katie Douglas, actress, Instagram

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Katie went to University to study film

After receiving some early pay checks from modelling and TV roles, Katie said that her parents thought University was the next option for her. In an interview she said she believes she will “always have a love affair with acting” but was heading off to uni. She explained that she was studying film, and has a more long-term goal of working behind the camera.

You might recognise her as Abby from Ginny and Georgia

Despite uni and a wish to be behind the camera, it looks as though Katie is very much still lapping up the acting roles. As well as playing Lisa McVey in Lifetime movie Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, you will definitely recognise her as Ginny’s friend Abby in Ginny and Georgia on Netflix. Ginny moved to a new school and met Abby, who was part of the friendship group MANG. Abby had some confidence issues and was struggling a lot to open up to her friends about her personal life.

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Katie Douglas has also played Sally Wilcox in Spooksville, Naomi Malik in TV series Mary Kills People and Vivien in Level 16.  Her acting career started at the age of six when she had a small role in F2: Forensic Factor. Katie received an ACTRA Award nomination for her performance in Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, but just lost out to Amybeth McNulty from Anne with an E.

In 2018, Katie explained in an interview what kind of roles she would like next. She said: “Moving forward, after playing such dark haunting characters, I think it would feel very freeing to do something comedic. With that being said I choose roles for many different reasons. My heart lies in the drama and the angst; it’s how I love to move people.”

Her height has become quite a talking point since Believe Me was added to Netflix

Since Netflix released Believe Me, all you have to do is type “Katie Douglas” into Google and the predicted search comes up as “height”. It’s true though, she does look very, very tiny compared to everyone else in the film.

Katie Douglas, height, Lisa McVey, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, Netflix

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So, because you probably are wondering, Katie is reportedly 5ft0.

Katie Douglas has 428k followers on Instagram where she shows her other hobbies too

On Instagram, Katie Douglas currently has 428k followers. She shares loads of personal pictures of what she gets up to in her spare time, as well as pictures from her work projects.

She gets a lot of comments on Instagram saying she looks like Ariana Grande, and you know, I can kinda see it.

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As well as being an actress, Katie is an overall very creative person. On Instagram she shares her love of art and painting, as well as an interest in photography, literature and stories. She can also sing and plays the guitar.

Katie Douglas, actress, Instagram

via Instagram @katiedouglas98

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey and Ginny and Georgia are both available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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