Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ is being adapted into a BBC TV series

Ok now this is exciting

Dolly Alderton’s book “Everything I Know About Love” is being adapted into a BBC TV series. The series is a semi fictionalised rom com about two best friends who move into their first London house share.

Dolly shared the exciting news on her Twitter and said she was looking forward to bringing her book to life.

She said: “My first book Everything I Know About Love is being adapted for TV by @Working_Title for The BBC. Directed by the phenomenally clever @ChinaMooYoung and written by me, it is a semi-fictionalised rom com about two best friends and I am very very excited to see it come to life.”

Dolly’s book first came out in 2018 and is a memoir of her life in her early 20s with her friends in London.

According to the BBC the series will be a “Sex & The City for Millennials” and features the characters of Maggie and Birdy.

The official synopsis reads: “Maggie and Birdy, besties since school, finally land in London to live it large, when the unexpected happens – dependable Birdy gets a steady boyfriend.

“A generous, funny, warm-hearted and uplifting Sex & The City for Millennials which covers bad dates and squalid flat-shares, heartaches and humiliations, and, most importantly, unbreakable female friendships.”

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