People filmed themselves taking clothes out of charity donation bin and put it on TikTok

It’s being called ‘vile, shocking and disrespectful’

A group of young people have filmed themselves taking clothes out of a charity donation bin, and posted the video on TikTok.

The “shocking and disrespectful” video has been widely circulating online. It appears the original has now been removed from TikTok.

Multiple online reports allege the incident took place on a road in Manchester, near an MMU halls of residence, although The Tab has been unable to confirm this.

In the video, a group of at least five people can be seen stood on a road next to British Heart Foundation charity donation bins.

On the bins, it says they are there to collect people’s donations of clothes, books, games and other items.

The TikTok plays the “seems a downright shame, seems an awful waste” audio.

The group of people can be seen holding up clothes, which they appear to have pulled out of the donation bin.

The end of the video appears to be in a house, where the user shows two items of clothing. It zooms in on the tag to show one is from high-end clothing store & Other Stories.

The video was shared on Twitter, with the poster slamming it for being “embarrassing”.

The people in the video are being criticised, with it being called “vile”, and “shocking and disrespectful”.

One Twitter user said: “It’s just shocking the complete ignorance they’re all showing because they literally uploaded it too…? Such disrespectful behaviour.”

Another said: “It’s the fact they filmed it and uploaded it like what were they expecting the response to be???”

Were you in the TikTok video or do you know anything about it? We’d love to chat – email [email protected] 

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