Gogglebox cast ages: How old are all the family members on the show?

There’s a 13 year age gap between friends Jenny and Lee


Having watched them watch telly every Friday night for what seems like forever, you get the weird kind of feeling that you know the cast of Gogglebox inside out – so you should definitely get to know their ages too.

The show is full of people from all different walks of life, be that where they live or are from, their personalities as well as how old they all are. But no matter what, you can’t help but have a special place in your heart for every single one of them.

Here are all the real life ages of the cast of Gogglebox.

Ellie and Izzi

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via Channel 4

Ellie: 31

Izzie: 29

Ellie and Izzi Warner have been on the show since way back in 2015. The Leeds sisters are now a staple part of the cast.

The Malones

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via Channel 4

Tom Jr: 27

The Malone family have been regulars on the show since 2014. The family members who appear on the show the most are Tom Sr, Julie, Tom Jr and Shaun. The only member of the family who has shared his age is 26-year-old son Tom Jr, who recently announced he has left the series.

Jenny and Lee

Jenny and Lee, Gogglebox, cast, ages, real life, how old, age

via Channel 4

Jenny: 65

Lee: 52

Best friends Jenny and Lee have arguably been one of the best additions to the show since they joined in 2014. They watch their TV from Patrington Haven caravan park in Hull, and nothing beats watching them going from laughing together one minute, to Jenny crying at a nature doc the next.

Pete and Sophie

Pete and Sophie, Gogglebox, cast, ages, real life, how old, age

via Channel 4

Pete: 27

Sophie: 26

Pete and Sophie Sandiford are among the younger members of the Gogglebox cast. The Blackpool brother and sister have been appearing on the show together since 2017 and buying mugs since the day they were born.

The Siddiquis

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Baasit, Umar and Sid, via Channel 4

Sid: 74

Umar: 42

Baasit: 35

The Siddiqui family is made up of dad Sid and his two sons, Umar and Baasit. Sid was born in Pakistan but moved to the UK aged 16, and they all joined the show when it began in 2013.

Giles and Mary

Giles and Mary, Gogglebox, cast, ages, real life, how old, age

via Channel 4

Giles and Mary are everyone’s favourite “nutty” couple. They met when they were 21 and have been married for more than 30 years. The couple, who live in Wiltshire, have two adult daughters. They joined the Gogglebox cast in 2015, but unfortunately, have never shared their ages.

Dave and Shirley

Dave and Shirley, family

via Channel 4

Dave: 66

Shirley: 67

Caerphilly couple Dave and Shirley have been married for 45 years – and joined the show in 2015. They said they were massive fans of the series before they joined the cast after being spotted by a casting agent.

Stephen and Daniel

Stephen and Daniel, Gogglebox, cast, ages, real life, how old, age

via Channel 4

Stephen: 50

Daniel: 46

Stephen has been part of the Gogglebox cast since the series first started, and last year was joined on our screens from Brighton with his husband Daniel. There’s a four year age gap between the couple, who married in 2018.

The Plummers

The Plummers, Plummer brothers

Tristan, Twaine and Tremaine, via Channel 4

Twaine: 35

Tristan: 32

The “Three Ts” Plummer brothers are Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan, and they joined the show in series eight. Tristan and Twaine are both a pro-footballers and Tremaine works as a chef. Tremaine hasn’t shared his age, but he is the eldest out of the three siblings.

Anne and Ken

Anne and Ken

via Channel 4

Anne and Ken are from County Durham, and joined the show in series 15. It’s not known how old they are, but the couple have been married for 50 years.

Amira and Amani

Amira and Amani, Gogglebox, cast, ages, real life, how old, age

via Channel 4

Amani and Amira are sisters who live in North London. Their exact ages are not known, but the pair joined the show when they were still at school and are thought to be teenagers still. They are most likely the youngest regular members of the cast.

Abbie and Georgia

Gogglebox, cast, ages, real life, how old, age, Abbie and Georgia

via Channel 4

Abbie: 21

Georgia: 22

Northern besties Abbie and Georgia join the show from Durham. They’ve been part of the cast since 2018.

Sue and Steve

Sue and Steve

via Channel 4

Sue and Steve joined the cast in series 14 and are from South London. The husband and wife are both aged 65.

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