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Flick through this photo album of 33 celebrities as ancestors memes

My grandparents were so cool in the 1930s

Everyone on Twitter suddenly seems to have very famous grandparents, except they’re not really their grandparents, it’s just another Twitter trend that is way funnier than it should be.

Since last week people have been sharing modern day photos of celebrities and iconic TV moments in a black and white filter and then claiming they are their ancestor from nearly a century ago.

It all started when Twitter user @ctrlzhara tweeted a black and white picture of Kiera Knightly and Cillian Murphy from a behind the scenes shot of the period drama The Edge of Love. They tweeted and joked saying the pair were their grandparents in Basra, Iraq in 1960.

And the tweets haven’t stopped since then. Whilst the majority of them feature a celebrity as someone’s grandparent, others have taken classic internet memes and turned them into old fashioned photos to say they are historic moments from the past.

These are the 33 funniest celebrities as ancestors memes:

1. I really recognise their grandma

2. What a poor kid

3. Looked like he was a cool guy

4. So happy they got to celebrate their special day

5. What a happy couple

6. Damn their grandad was attractive

7. The coolest grandparents

8. A striking family resemblance

9. Culture really has gone down hill since the 1930s

10. Finally we can give credit to the inventor of the steak americano

11. A pioneer

12. A heartthrob before they were a thing

13. I love her style

14. A woman of the people

15. Such a considerate father

16. Give credit where it’s due

17. Ja’mie was the OG feminist

18. A sad, sad time

19. They took such great behind the scenes shots in the 50s

20. So glamorous, no one dresses up like this anymore

21. We’re lucky to be discovering this photo

22. What a woman

23. The perfect candid

24. We don’t get gentlemen like this anymore

25. Such a cool job

26. A lost pasttime

27. A lovely wholesome photo

28. You must be so proud

29. Simply an icon

30. I bet she had a lovely voice

31. It used to be such a simple life

32. When did people stop dressing like this?

33. If only you’d been able to talk more

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