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People are just finding out what Just Eat is called in Australia and honestly, just why

Did somebody say, their version of the Snoop Dogg advert sucks?

You know the super catchy Just Eat advert where Snoop Dogg is rapping about his fried rice and chicken wings and it ends with “did somebody say Just Eat?” I know you sang the last bit of that sentence in your head because you know it so well. But, prepare to be disgusted, because in Australia Just Eat is called something completely different – and the advert for it is an abomination.

People on Twitter and Instagram have just made the shock discovery that in Australia it’s called… Menulog. Yep, like a log of menus. And what’s even worse, the advert attempts to fit that into Snoop Dogg’s lil song.

One reply to the video on Twitter simply reads “nobody said Menulog” and honestly, I feel this.

So, where did the name ‘Menulog’ for Just Eat Australia come from?

Apparently there’s a bit of an explanation behind why Just Eat in Australia is called something as messy as this. An Australian weighed in the hatred on Twitter, saying: “It’s called Menulog here because it was already a company before Just Eat purchased it. They probably couldn’t be fucked to rebrand since it was already one of the biggest delivery companies in Australia.”

And it’s true, in 2015 Just Eat announced it was purchasing Menulog for ÂŁ445 million ($687million) – and with this was expanding the brand to Australia and New Zealand. At the time of purchase, Menulog was the biggest food delivery service in the two countries, with 1.4million people on its platform and 5,500 restaurants.

In a statement, Menulog‘s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Katz, said “I am very excited about the prospect of Menulog becoming part of Just Eat, which has been a real inspiration for us as we have grown in the Australian and New Zealand markets. This proposed acquisition will allow Menulog to benefit from Just Eat’s experience and know-how, particularly in digital marketing, and enhance our customer service model to drive further growth and efficiencies across the business.”

Just Eat said in a statement: “The Australian and New Zealand markets exhibit a number of strong characteristics that make it similar to the UK and therefore a market in which aggregators should thrive. This includes a takeaway food culture, a fragmented restaurant market, high levels of disposable income and a high level of eCommerce adoption.”

It’s still not ok though.

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