Ranked: These are the degree subjects most sought-after by employers

There must be a mistake, philosophy is nowhere to be seen?

Engineering students can make up for being completely unwanted during their time at uni with the knowledge that they’re the most sought-after by graduate employers.

Experts at money.co.uk analysed one million job ads and figured out which degrees were specified the most often – engineering topped the list with almost twice as many adverts listing it as a requirement than the next most in-demand subject.

Unsurprisingly, the list is dominated by STEM and business-based subjects.

The full list of the 20 most sought-after degree subjects:

  1. Engineering: 76,838 job adverts
  2. Business: 36,906 job adverts
  3. Management: 32,546 job adverts
  4. Design: 17,846 job adverts
  5. Marketing: 16,872 job adverts
  6. Computer Science: 16,442 job adverts
  7. Construction: 11,580 job adverts
  8. Computer Engineering: 9,674 job adverts
  9. Software Engineering: 9,556 job adverts
  10. Finance: 7,638 job adverts
  11. Care: 7,290 job adverts
  12. Accounting: 7,282 job adverts
  13. Law: 6,756 job adverts
  14. Systems Engineering: 6,032 job adverts
  15. Data Science: 5,666 job adverts
  16. Computer Systems: 5,304 job adverts
  17. Information Systems: 5,142 job adverts
  18. Computer Information Systems: 4,870 job adverts
  19. Computer Systems Engineering: 4,814 job adverts
  20. Chemistry: 3,918 job adverts

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