Ranked: The percentage of students who actually drop out of each Russell Group uni

Okay but the real news is that 97 per cent of students who go to Exeter like it enough to stay

King’s College London has the highest drop-out rate of any Russell Group uni, according to new stats for 2019/20.

Over one in 20 students at the pentacampused London uni leave higher education for good, figures released by uni data boffins HESA have revealed.

Oxford and Cambridge’s low positions on the rankings is, in part, because people who leave there often go to other unis. The statistics show the percentage of students who leave higher education entirely.

And a high drop-out rate isn’t necessarily an entirely bad things – unis who take more students from non-traditional backgrounds are more likely to see higher drop-out rates because of this.

The Russell Group unis with the highest drop-out rates, ranked:

1. King’s College London: 5.3 per cent
2. Queen Mary: 4.5 per cent
3. Queen’s, Belfast: 4.3 per cent
4. Glasgow: 4.1 per cent
5. Liverpool: 3.9 per cent
6. Manchester: 3.6 per cent
7. Nottingham: 3.5 per cent
8. Cardiff: 3.4 per cent
9. UCL: 3.3 per cent
10. Edinburgh: 3.2 per cent
11. Newcastle: 3.1 per cent
12. York: 3.1 per cent
13. Leeds: 3 per cent
14. Warwick: 2.8 per cent
15. Sheffield: 2.7 per cent
16. Imperial: 2.4 per cent
17. LSE: 2.4 per cent
18. Birmingham: 2.4 per cent
19. Southampton: 2.4 per cent
20. Durham: 2.4 per cent
21. Exeter: 2.3 per cent
22. Bristol: 2.2 per cent
23. Oxford: 1.2 per cent
24. Cambridge: 0.8 per cent

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