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Still not over last night’s Drag Race episode? Recover with these 33 finale memes

‘A Bimini Bon burglary has occurred’

Drag Race UK has finally finished and I’m gonna need three to five business days to process last night’s final, in the meantime let’s all enjoy everyone’s reactions to the final.

In all seriousness the Drag Race UK final had everything – tears, insane outfits and the lip sync battle to end all lip syncs. The episode ended in Lawrence Chaney being crowned the winner of season two, and the first ever Scottish winner of the franchise.

As with every Drag Race episode Twitter was full of funny reaction tweets and memes. The resounding feeling was everyone was very happy for Lawrence but also devastated for Bimini Bon Boulash. There was also a lot of love for the return of Ginny Lemon’s facial expressions as well as everyone being incredibly disappointed the show is over and questioning what the hell we’re going to do now?

So whilst we wait for season three, at least we have these 33 reaction memes to last night’s Drag Race final:

1. I don’t want it to ever end

2. Not here for trauma

3. Honestly how did she not drop this in sooner?

4. When two queens meet

5. I will do literally anything

6. An utter shambles

7. I’m still in recovery

8. Don’t think I’ll ever be over this photo

9. Mum, let’s go

10. Here for this

11. My favourite dysfunctional family

12. The true winner

13. I can’t un see this

14. Iconic

15. Just give her the Beyoncé ffs

16. Daylight robbery

17. 🚨This is an emergency 🚨

18. Legend is an understatement

19. Truth

20. Me rn

21. But also we love Lawrence

22. Making history

23. They were the winner, don’t know what you’re talking about

24. Now this I need

25. Is the wedding cancelled?

26. I mean…

27. They saw it coming

28. I’m gonna need a minute

29. The nerve of some people

30. Hands down best season

31. Like ever

32. I love them all

33. Now what?

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