oxford grad sues parents

Oxford grad who sued the uni is now suing his parents for a lifelong maintenance grant

Sounds like a man-child to me

A University of Oxford graduate, who previously sued the university for only awarding him a 2:1, is now suing his parents in order to receive a lifelong maintenance grant.

41-year-old law graduate Faiz Siddiqui claims he is entirely dependant on his parents and as a “vulnerable” grown up child with health issues he believes he is entitled to a maintenance grant.

Siddiqui is currently unemployed and claims denying him the money is a violation of his human rights. At present Siddiqui is living in a £1million flat in Hyde Park rent free after being unemployed since 2011.

The flat is owned by his 69-year-old mother Rakshanda and 71-year-old father Javed who give him £400 a week and help him with bills.

However now his parents want to reduce his funding after they rowed with him and their lawyer told The Sun they have their own view of what is a suitable provision for their son.

Justin Warshaw QC said: “These long-suffering parents have their own view of what is suitable provision for their ‘difficult, demanding and pertinacious’ son.”

Siddiqui’s suing of his parents follows his earlier case in 2018 when he sued Oxford University for giving him a 2:1 rather than a first.

He claimed the teaching was “appalling” and “boring” and stopped him from getting a place at a law course at a top US university such as Yale or Harvard.

Siddiqui and his lawyer argued the loss of earnings was valued at £1million, however his case was thrown out of court.

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