Ranked: The top 10 universities with the highest number of single students

Is it too late to transfer?

Deciding where to go to university is no easy feat. Whether you’re in pursuit of education, friends or independence, uni has it all. Some may choose a university because of the city, others because of the course, but there are an elite few influenced by the search for love.

Whether you are moving to university single or trying to hold onto that relationship from home which everyone told you is doomed, UniHomes has ranked the single population so you can know exactly what the dating market is going to be like when you get there.

Sitting smugly at the bottom of the top 10 are the University of Strathclyde and the University of Glasgow. Both placed joint tenth with a 49.2 per cent single population. Perhaps something to be said about that Scottish accent?

Those studying at Oxbridge clearly don’t have time to find love, explaining why over half of the students are single. The University of Cambridge is seventh with a 52.6 per cent single population. Meanwhile, the University of Oxford is fifth with 53.8 per cent.

Coming in fourth on the list is the University of Manchester with 54.9 per cent. Here, you have a pretty good chance of finding someone nice to share chips and gravy with, even if you don’t understand a word they’re saying.

Finally, as all the Londoners like to remind us, they are championing again with these statistics – UCL, SOAS University of London and Queen Mary make the top three spots for singletons. UCL and SOAS are in joint second place with 54.9 per cent. Whilst, in first place, Queen Mary University of London has 55.3 per cent of students labelling themselves single.

See the full list below:

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