Meet the cast of new Netflix series Ginny and Georgia and where you recognise them from

Another drama series to binge on? Oh, go on then


Netflix has just released a new drama series for us all to get our teeth sunk into. And what happens when there’s a new binge watchable show? You aggressively Google the cast members and learn everything you could possibly know about them – so here, make a start on the stars of Ginny and Georgia.

The series is a mother-daughter drama which tells the story of a 30-year-old mom (Georgia) and her 15-year-old daughter (Ginny), who finally settle down in a wholesome New England town for a fresh start after years on the road and the death of Ginny’s step dad.

And you’ll definitely recognise a few of the faces in the cast of Ginny of Georgia on Netflix. So, meet them all here.

Antonia Gentry – Ginny Miller

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Antonia Gentry, Ginny Miller

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Antonia Gentry plays one half of the mother-daughter duo, teenage Virginia (but don’t call her that, it’s Ginny). This is Antonia’s first breakthrough role on screen, where she plays smart and strong-minded Ginny, who is an outspoken high school student who struggles to make friends before starting to come into her own when the family moves to Wellsbury.

Brianne Howey – Georgia Miller

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Brianne Howey, Georgia Miller

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Ginny’s mother, the other half of the Ginny and Georgia duo, is played by Brianne Howey. To a lot, Georgia looks like your typical young mum – she’s cool, fun and drinks a lot of red wine. You probably recognise Brianne Howey from 90210, The Passage or Dollface.

Diesel La Torraca – Austin

Diesel La Torraca, Austin, young, brother, actor

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Ginny’s little brother, Austin, is played by child actor Diesel La Torraca. Austin just wants to live his best care-free child life, and loves Harry Potter. Despite only being young, you might have seen Diesel in Little Monsters or Lambs of God.

Felix Mallard – Marcus

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Felix Mallard, Marcus

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Marcus lives across the street from Ginny. He’s a bit of a wild child, and shall we say fuck boy. He plays it hot and cold with Ginny, but I think we can all see he does actually like her. Felix Mallard is an Australian actor, musician, and model. From 2014 until 2019, he played Ben Kirk in the soap opera Neighbours and he was also in Netflix series Locke & Key.

Sara Waisglass – Maxine

Sara Waisglass, Maxine, twin

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Maxine (Max) is Marcus’ twin sister, also living across the street. She’s an unapologetic free spirit and introduces Ginny to her friends, who are a colourful circle to say the least. Max is played by Sara Waisglass, best known as Frankie in the teen drama Degrassi.

Jennifer Robertson – Ellen

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Jennifer Robertson, Ellen

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Jennifer Robertson plays Ellen, Marcus and Maxine’s mother. Together, Ellen and Georgia become a bit of an iconic mother duo. You probably recognise Jennifer Robertson from Schitt’s Creek.

Scott Porter – Paul Randolph

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Scott Porter, Paul Randolph, Mayor

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Scott Porter plays the mayor, Paul Randolph. Being the mayor, he’s the most eligible bachelor in town, so it’s not long before Georgia has her eyes on him. You probably recognise his face from Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie, Prom Night or maybe even as Randy in Dear John.

Raymond Ablack – Joe

Raymond Ablack, Joe

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Raymond Ablack is the Canadian actor and comedian who plays cafe owner Joe in Ginny and Georgia. He began his career on stage as a child actor, performing as Young Simba in The Lion King at the Princess of Wales Theatre. He’s now best known as Sav Bhandari in the teen drama television series Degrassi: The Next Generation and for his roles in Defiance, Orphan Black, Narcos, and Shadowhunters.

Nathan Mitchell – Zion Miller

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Nathan Mitchell, Zion Miller

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Nathan Mitchell plays Zion, Ginny’s dad. It’s clear there’s still chemistry between him and Georgia, so when he shows up again it throws a bit of a spanner in the works. Nathan has starred in Amazon series The Boys, iZombie and Supernatural.

Katie Douglas – Abby

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Katie Douglas, Abby

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Abby is part of the school friendship group MANG (Max, Abby, Norah and Ginny). On the outside she’s fun and confident, but she’s covering a lot of inner turmoil. Abby is played by Katie Douglas, who has been in TV series including Defiance, Raising Expectations, and Mary Kills People. She was also in Spooksville.

Chelsea Clark – Norah

Chelsea Clark, Norah

via Netflix

Norah is the final member of the MANG friendship group – she is definitely the mum of the group and the one they all rely on. She’s played by Chelsea Clark, who is another member of the Ginny and Georgia cast who has been in drama series Degrassi.

Mason Temple – Hunter

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Mason Temple, Hunter

via Netflix

Mason Temple plays sweet and innocent Hunter, who ends up in a relationship with Ginny. Ginny and Georgia is Mason’s first major role.

Nikki Roumel – Young Georgia

Nikki Roumel, Young Georgia 

via Netflix

Nikki Roumel plays Georgia in flashback scenes to when she was a teen. Nikki has also been in Designated Survivor.

Tameka Griffiths – Bracia

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Tameka Griffiths, Bracia

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Bracia is a pupil at school with Ginny, who helps her to explore her identity. Bracia is played by Tameka Griffiths, an actress best known for Grand Army on Netflix, Titans and The Rest of Us.

Rebecca Ablack – Padma

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, Rebecca Ablack, Padma

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Rebecca Ablack plays teenage Padma. If you’re a fan of cheesy Christmas movies, you might recognise her as Anisha from teen Netflix festive film Let It Snow.

Jonathan Potts – Mr Gitten

Jonathan Potts, Mr Gitten, teacher, school

via Netflix

Jonathan Potts plays Mr Gitten, Ginny’s subtly racist teacher. He is best known for providing the voice of Link from The Legend of Zelda animated series, and in the cartoon Captain N: The Game Master.

George Buza – Marty

Ginny and Georgia, Netflix, cast, full, list, actors, play, George Buza, Marty

via Netflix

Rounding off the Ginny and Georgia cast is George Buza as Marty. When Georgia gets a bit worried about her dead husband’s money, she gives lawyer Marty a call. George Buza is an American-Canadian actor who is best known for voicing Beast in the X-Men Animated Series.

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