to all the boys, always and forever, alternate, ending

To All The Boys almost had an alternate ending and I’m actually sad it didn’t happen

Lana Condor has said she ‘really wanted to show Lara Jean’s dreams and her future’

*Warning: Obviously, spoilers for To All The Boys: Always and Forever – both its real and alternate ending

Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean in To All The Boys, has said the film series almost had an alternate ending – and I’m lowkey sad we’ll never see it.

The third and final To All The Boys film, Always and Forever, dropped on Netflix last week, and I’m not ashamed to say I loved it. Did I watch it on actual Valentine’s Day? Maybe. Did I shed several tears throughout? Ha ha wtf no that’s so lame (yes I sobbed).

In To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean and her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky are in their final year of high school and planning on going to the same college together – until Lara Jean doesn’t get accepted.

to all the boys, always and forever, alternate, ending

She gets into a couple of other colleges though, including NYU, which they visit on a school trip. The film ends with Lara Jean deciding to go to NYU, 3,000 miles away from Stanford where Peter will be, and a voiceover from her talking about writing love letters over their long distance relationship.

Lana Condor, who plays Lara Jean, told Refinery 29 there was an “alternative ending” to To All The Boys. She said: “There was this alternative ending that we shot where Gen and Lara Jean go to NYU, and the last shot is Gen knocking on [her] dorm room and saying: ‘Hey, want to go get some lunch?’”

Gen is Lara Jean’s old on-again-off-again friend – they fight throughout the series but seem closer in the final film. Lana said even though this scene wasn’t included, she was pleased the message was part of the film. “It was important for us to show a female relationship that heals. Women grow, and it’s really special to try again.”

to all the boys, always and forever, alternate, ending

The first two To All The Boys films focused on the beginning of Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship, complete with miscommunication, love triangles and other drama. But the third film is more about Lara Jean growing up and finding herself. Lana said that in the final film, “we need to start to see her making choices for herself and for her future, regardless of whether or not that’s a popular opinion in her relationships.

“Obviously we have great romance in Always and Forever, but there’s space to see her grow as a young woman. I really wanted to make sure that this young girl’s world doesn’t just revolve around someone else, but also around her dreams and her future.”

Always and Forever also highlights the women around Lara Jean. Rather than focusing on teen boy love interests, it explores her friendships with Chris and Gen, as well as her relationships with her sisters and her new step-mum Trina. Lana said: “I really wanted to show all the women in Lara Jean’s life that make her who she is. Her mom died at a young age, so all the women in her life have kind of been that nurture for her.”

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