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This is who the Bridgerton cast would be if they were in Gossip Girl

Daphne and Serena are basically the same person

When Bridgerton first came out the number one thing everyone talked about, besides how fit the Duke was licking a spoon, is how similar the Netflix show is to Gossip Girl.

The two shows are basically about a bunch of rich people hooking up whilst waiting to hear what a mysterious woman is going to say about them. Lady Whistledown and Gossip Girl are essentially the same person, and so are the rest of the characters.

Each Bridgerton character has a Gossip Girl twin who they’re similar to, if it weren’t for a few centuries and 3,000 miles.

This is who all the Bridgeton characters would be if they were in Gossip Girl:

The Duke of Hastings – Chuck Bass

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it but the Duke is clearly the 19th century version of Chuck Bass. Both men have severe daddy issues and spend most of their shows plotting revenge against their fathers.

Their daddy issues then make them both very reluctant to let the women they care about into their lives. They hold back, pretending to be cold and unaffectionate, because in reality they just want to be loved but are too scared to show it.

Chuck and The Duke are equally mega rich and the man all the mothers in society want their daughters to marry because of said wealth. They also have that broody moody sexy thing going on and you can definitely picture the Duke spending his days in a penthouse apartment.

Daphne Bridgerton – Serena Van Der Woodsen

bridgerton gossip girl

Daphne is actually incredibly similar to Serena. They’re both the main character, the society and always have a bunch of men after them.

They also both exist in their own worlds. Whilst they appear to help others, they’re really only doing things for their own benefit and will always put their own needs first. The two girls are also clearly their mother’s favourite child, even if Lily and Serena occasionally had their fallings out.

Serena and Daphne also have that quality about them which makes everyone around them like them, even if they have no particular reason to. Must be nice being popular.

Anthony Bridgerton – Nate Archibald

Anthony and Nate are both classic fuckboys. They’re charming, attractive and rich. However the two have trouble committing and are only really interested in short term affairs.

You’d think the lack of relationship commitment, would make them more present in the rest of their lives, but Nate and Anthony are both drifters. They never seem to have any real ambition and often doubt themselves and their choices.

However they both are kind and caring, and want the best for their families, even if their way of going about it isn’t always the smartest.

Marina Thompson – Blair Waldorf

You’ve got to be a strong character to be compared to Blair Waldorf and only Miss Thompson in Bridgerton comes close enough.

Both Blair and Marina are strong willed. They stand up for what they believe in and most importantly do whatever they want, regardless of what others tell them to do.

For Marina, this was keeping her baby and not settling for the latest crusty old man Mrs Featherington wanted her to marry. And for Blair she spends six seasons effectively doing whatever she wants.

Both women are more intelligent than the rest of their group, and they often put this to good use in coming up with sneaky plans. However their scheming is never malicious and at the end of the day they both just want the fairytale ending.

Penelope Featherington – Dan Humphrey

The obvious thing linking these two is that they are of course both Gossip Girl, and this is where the similarities end.

Eloise Bridgerton – Jenny Humphrey

bridgerton gossip girl

Eloise is easily the best part of Bridgerton, so it pains me to compare her to Jenny Humphrey, but it has to be done as they have a lot in common.

The girls start their shows by being quite innocent and naive, but by the end are doing a bunch of pretty cool things. Eloise tries to discover the identity of Lady Whistledown and then protects her when the Queen’s spies are onto her. Jenny finally has enough of trying to win over Blair and moves on with her life, eventually studying fashion in London.

Unlike the rest of the characters in their respective shows neither of them have any particular love interest. Jenny is more about making a career in fashion and Eloise wants to become a writer, for both of them romance is firmly pushed to the side.

Eloise and Jenny are both the ones that are a little different to the rest of their families and don’t idolise their older siblings that everyone else thinks are perfect.

Benedict Bridgerton – Vanessa Abrams

bridgerton gossip girl

Benedict and Vanessa are the hippies of their respective groups. They’re more unconventional than the majority of society, preferring to spend their time on art, politics and sex.

They are great friends to their nearest and dearest. Benedict is Anthony’s biggest supporter and Vanessa is always there for Dan. The two are often overlooked in comparison to the rest of the cast, when Benedict in particular is a gem who should have got more recognition.

Also you just know if these two were in the same show they’d definitely be hooking up.

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