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Plan Valentine’s Day and we’ll tell you which Bridgerton character you’ll spend it with

A romantic day with the Duke, me thinks

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day. And with that comes the dread of spending it alone, or the joy of spending it with someone else (or the other way around, obviously). But let’s not kid ourselves, the real dream is to spend it with one of the characters of Bridgerton, who have all become our 2021 obsessions. So this quiz will match you up with your ideal Bridgerton Valentine’s Day date. It’s the crossover you really didn’t know you needed until now.

Is your date going to be a hot and spontaneous encounter with the Viscount himself, Anthony Bridgerton? Or are you set to be swept off your feet by Mr Romantic, the Prince? Maybe you want to have an enviable date with the Duke, and nobody but the Duke? Or, and I am so sorry in advance if this is you, you are destined to always spend Valentine’s Day with creeps like Nigel Berbrooke. Not forgetting that romance isn’t on the cards for everyone, and I don’t know about you, but a Galentine’s day with Penelope or Eloise is my idea of a day well spent.

But out of all of these options, you can only have one. Find out your fate here.

In the quiz below, plan your dream Valentine’s Day and we’ll say which Bridgerton character you’ll be spending it with:

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