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There’s now an Instagram account dedicated to the Duke licking the spoon, and wow

I suddenly feel very flustered

Arguably the greatest scene in television history is the Duke of Hastings slowly licking a spoon in Netflix’s Bridgerton, and now there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to the moment.

Billie Bhatia, who created the Instagram account dedicated to Connell’s chain from Normal People, has made the Bridgerton themed account. And of course it is dedicated to the one man and spoon the internet is lusting over.

The account is called “thedukesspoon” and has nearly 4,000 followers, and I’m about to be one of them.


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In case you’ve forgotten what moment everyone is getting thirsty over then cast your mind back to episode three of Bridgerton.

The Duke and Daphne are having afternoon tea and discussing their deceptive plan, and then he does it. He licks cream off the spoon and the internet and Daphne collectively swoon.

And now the account is paying homage to this incredible scene, naturally only posting pictures of The Duke of Hastings played by Regé-Jean Page.

The bio of the account reads “My spoon, my eyebrow, my cravat and my 🍑”.

Basically it’s the new Connell’s chain that got everyone all flustered in the first lockdown, except if possible, it’s even better?

Bridgerton dropped on Netflix on Christmas Day and has easily been the best show of 2021 so far. Netflix estimates 63 million households have tuned into watch the show, and I’d guess a good half of that is due to the spoon.

Bridgerton is out now on Netflix. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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