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Which character from Fate: The Winx Saga are you? Take this quiz to find out

Kinda want to be Bloom, but deep down know I am Terra

Each character thrown together in Fate: The Winx Saga on Netflix is completely different – so it’s only right that there’s a quiz to definitively tell you which of these you are most like. So, here we are.

The mystery teen series focuses around Bloom, a fairy who moves to Alfea School to learn all about her powers. She ends up learning a whole lot more about her troubled past and life as well. The series is not too dissimilar to if you got Pretty Little Liars and added a pinch of Stranger Things – which is a crossover I didn’t know I needed until now.

Bloom is quickly moved into a room with a bunch of girls who are all massively different to her. So are you more like Terra? The heart of gold friend everyone needs? Or a bit of a Stella? A force to be reckoned with who lets everyone know who’s boss? Don’t forget you could also be an Aisha, Beatrix, Musa or Bloom herself. Find out here.

Take this quiz and find out which character from Fate: The Winx Saga on Netflix you are

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