There are seven types of god-awful uni landlords in this world and here they are

Nothing is worse than the legal eagle

Every student-landlord relationship is different, but it’s always good to keep an eye out for those red flags because, on the whole, student landlords are huge assholes. The majority of them will let their tenants live in squalor for an entire year and the other half of them are just downright fucking weird. Some of them might take 10 months to fix a leaky roof and others might ghost you whilst your damp patch spreads like wildfire. It takes a lot to be a shitty person but student landlords tick all the boxes.

Deposit holder

Arguably this is one of the worst. Honestly, they’re such dicks. They’ll probably keep hold of your deposit for as long as legally possible. They won’t care how many angry emails you make your mum write for you – they’re absolutely ruthless and enjoy seeing you skint.

The creepy one

Who would have thought that landlords could give you the ick? This one is super clingy and weird. Nothing is worse than a landlord who rinses you for hundreds of pounds every month but then acts like you’re best mates.

The one you’ve never actually met

The sexual tension between landlords and ghosting their tenants is unbeatable. You might catch them when you move in but they’ll most likely vanish soon after. You’ll notice they don’t actually answer phone calls or reply to your emails. By the time you finish uni, you’ll have been ghosted by your landlord more times than any Tinder match.

The one who doesn’t believe in mould

I specifically hate this type of landlord. You could send them 50 photos of your mouldy bedroom wall but they’ll still tell you they can’t see anything.

The extra tenant

Not only does this landlord overstay their welcome, but they also enjoy making good use of their spare key. It’s strange and should definitely be illegal if it’s not already.

The legal eagle

There is no fooling this ratbag. They know their rights like the back of their hand, they also know your rights. On paper, this probably seems ideal but it can get nasty quite quickly when they start pulling the legal card. They might also take advantage of the fact you don’t know shit about your rights as a tenant.

Brb, just brushing up on my rights as a tenant x

The aggressive one

Possibly the biggest shit bag of them all. If your landlord aggressively chases you for money or demands rent before it’s due then they’re a massive dick. To be honest, I can almost guarantee this comes as a result of them thinking they have some sort of extra dominance over you because you’re students.

If you’re late with rent by even a day they call you non-stop until you send it and then have a right go at you like you’re a naughty child. The dynamic they try to create is so weird – I feel for anyone who gets stuck with a landlord like this.

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