stephen bear onlyfans

Stephen Bear’s OnlyFans account has been ‘withdrawn’

It comes days after Georgia Harrison’s claims against him

Stephen Bear’s OnlyFans account has been “withdrawn” and users can no longer access his page.

His account is currently unavailable after Georgia Harrison claimed Stephen had uploaded a video of her without her consent.

Stephen Bear has strongly denied the claims and said in a now deleted video that his OnlyFans account has been “withdrawn” and a significant amount of money has been lost.

stephen bear onlyfans

Stephen had his OnlyFans account for a while and still includes a link for it “Hollywood Bear” on his Instagram page, however when users click on it, the page says: “Sorry this page is not available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

On Monday Georgia Harrison uploaded a series of posts on her Instagram story claiming Stephen had videoed the two of them together using CCTV in his garden without her consent. Later on she claimed Stephen had uploaded the video to his OnlyFans account which enabled him to monetise the clip.

Georgia also said she will be taking “Stephen to court” regarding these claims and that she has screenshot evidence of the video.

She said: “I have got screenshots of where you’ve posted it, I’ve got three screenshots of where you’ve used a video of me, on a camera I didn’t know was there to make money on your cheap OnlyFans website.”

The Tab has contacted OnlyFans for comment.

Featured image credit via Instagram @stevie_bear

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