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Quiz: Which iconic housewife are you from The Real Housewives of New York City?

Will continue to retake until I get Ramona

The Real Housewives of New York City has been around for an impressive 12 seasons and in that time there’s only be 16 housewives because the majority of them are so iconic. You just keep on wanting to watch Ramona and Sonja get drunk on a boat and flirt with some fit men.

Since the show started in 2008, the housewives have been loud, argumentative, party animals and guaranteed to bring the drama to wherever they go, especially if it’s a trip abroad. Never forget scary island.

Though all the women seem pretty similar – bitchy, rich and always up for a party, they’ve all still got their own unique personalities. First of all they have different jobs and relationship statuses, Bethenny is a business owner, whereas Luann is a singer and socialite.

Beyond the obvious differences, there’s personality traits that separates the women. For example some of them love nothing more than sticking their foot in it and blurting secrets out aka Ramona. Whereas others like Carole are more relaxed and only getting involved in drama if it’s really important to them.

But of the eight most iconic housewives of New York ever, which one are you most like? Are you a busy body who knows everyone’s business like Jill Zarin? Or do you have multiple mysterious phobias and illnesses and get called fake like Aviva?

Well in order to find out who you’re most similar to take our Real Housewives of New York City quiz:

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