Chris Watts says he is ‘ashamed’ of Netflix doc which ‘brings up awful memories’

He says he ‘wishes he had handled things differently’

Last week, Netflix released American Murder: The Family Next Door, a true crime documentary about the crimes of Chris Watts – and the story of the Watts family killings.

Since the documentary, which has gone straight into the most watched spot in Netflix’s top 10 list worldwide, everyone has been talking about the shocking case again. The documentary uses unseen footage from police and social media to depict what happened in the days leading up to, and in the investigation after, when Chris Watts murdered his wife Shanann, their unborn child and two young daughters.

And now Chris Watts, who is currently serving five life sentences in prison, has commented on how he feels about the Netflix documentary being out there for everyone to see the truth.

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Chris Watts has said he feels ‘shame’ knowing that people are watching American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix

A source from the prison where Chris Watts is currently an inmate told People magazine that Chris Watts will probably never be able to watch the Netflix documentary about himself. The source said: “He’s curious about it, but he hates even knowing that his texts are out there for the public to read. It brings back awful memories of 2018 for him.

“There’s a lot of curiosity about him in prison. He’s the most high-profile inmate and what he did is incomprehensible, so everyone wants to know more about the case.”

The source added: “Chris knows that every part of his life is out there for public consumption. He hates it. It makes him feel a lot of shame. But he also knows that he brought it upon himself.”

Chris Watts, American Murder, The Family Next Door, Netflix, responds, comment, prison, cell, jail, reaction, interview

via Netflix

A prison source who has spoken to Watts recently also told People that he is “haunted” every day by what he did. They said: “He knows exactly what he did. He’s haunted by what he did. He says he can’t shake the memories of his family, and they haunt him. He is in his own psychological torment, every day of his life.

“He knows he deserves it. He knows that he made many mistakes in his life, and this is his punishment.”

Watts, who is in 23-hour lockdown, can leave his cell to shower and exercise but that’s about it. He has said he’s turned to religion in prison, and has a bible in his cell. He also has pictures of his family next to his bed. A family friend told People: “He’s sad that everyone is hurting. He wishes he could go back in time. He wishes he had handled things differently.”

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