These 31 Bake Off memes are almost as shocking as last night’s result

Mak was robbed

Last night was the second episode in what is one of the best Bake Off series ever. There were biscuits (are macaroons biscuits?), the first hand shake of the season and a disastrous result that divided the nation.

Mak went home and many were devastated, whereas others are incredibly happy that our new national treasure, Rowan, lives to fight another week of drinking a cup of tea whilst doing a technical.

And of course whilst the bakers were busy making florentines, (again are they actually a biscuit?) Twitter was coming up with some quality memes and tweets about the second episode.

These are the 31 best memes from last night’s episode:

1. If only I could have had Noel as my art teacher

2. I really do miss that bit

3. Totally given up at this point

4. That was a long two minutes

5. Why is this not a thing?

6. FYI these are actual biscuits

7. Developed a new life skill

8. It’s tea time bitches

9. My queen


11. This is how we ended up in this situation Lottie

12. No, it is not

13. Honestly still confused

13. New national treasure

14. Except it’s far far better than football

15. King.

16. Lol, very possible

17. Now that would be great TV

18. This is her exact face

19. Honestly what was that necklace

20. YES Dave you take it all, you deserve it

21. My, my, how the tables have turned

22. He’s been very sneaky there

23. I wonder which would sink first

24. Please don’t take him from us yet

25. I just love this man ok

26. But also he should have gone home

27. Wait, what?

28. Shook

29. He was robbed I tell you, robbed

30. The only positive of this year

31. And even though it’s not his year, a special mention to Rahul

Featured image credit (background): Smit Shah on Unsplash

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