Girls are sharing what they’d do if there were no men on Earth for 24 hours

‘Wear a mini skirt and walk alone at night’

If you identify as a woman you will be only too aware of the problems that come from living in a world that includes men. From the gender pay gap, to sexual assault, to everyday misogyny, it’s not always easy living on this planet as a woman. And now girls on TikTok are sharing what they’d do if there were no men on Earth for 24 hours. Can you imagine it? Would be so peaceful.

A user on TikTok created a video captioned: “This one’s for the girls…what would you do if there were no men on Earth for 24 hours?” and the comments were flooded with women sharing what they would do if this was a possibility.

And the answers were honestly pretty sad. From walking alone to wearing whatever they wanted, their comments show how much girls have to police and diminish themselves in order to stay safe in a world full of men.

The comments range from walking alone at night, talking without getting interrupted, using the weights section in the gym to wearing whatever you want.

These simple actions are behaviours men take for granted, as they should be, but a world with men unfortunately makes it very difficult for women to do these actions without fear and the very possible threat of danger.

These are just some of the things girls said they would do if there were no men on Earth for 24 hours:

1. Go on walks at night

2. Dance around town at 3am without fearing for my life

3. Be confident on social media

4. Wear whatever I want

5. Wear an actual bathing suit and go to the beach

6. Have a massive picnic with my girls and sleep under the stars

7. Run around at night blasting music into my headphones without feeling like I need to take one out

8. Leave my drink unattended at a bar

9. Go to a party by myself

10. Get a moped and drive around a big city by myself

11. Ride bikes with my best friend at night without our guy friends there for safety

12. Go food shopping alone

13. Wear revealing clothes without being told it’s my fault for being touched when I don’t want to be

14. Party and have a good time without being exceptionally paranoid the whole time

15. Not look behind me when I walk alone at night

16. Be more trusting

17. Actually smile for once

18. Walk to my car alone without asking people to come with me

19. Wear a really cute mini skirt and crop top

20. Not cry as much

21. Wear no makeup

22. Not wear my hijab

23. Go outside with my girlfriend without acting like friends

24. Explore the world

25. Go to the skatepark

26. Go to a seminar and actually say stuff without being mansplained to

27. Not have to think of responses for all the cat calling

28. Walk down the pavement without having to move out the way for random guys who won’t move for me

29. Watch the rugby at the pub without having to prove I like rugby by naming every man and his dog on the team

30. Find a way to make it last longer than 24 hours

31. Solve all world problems probably

32. Get drunk and walk home at 4am without the fear of being murdered

33. Go to the gym and enjoy using the weights sections

34. Live how I wanna live

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