These 25 memes about Netflix’s The Social Dilemma will make you throw your phone away

Ok I’m a social media puppet I GET IT

Last week Netflix released the documentary The Social Dilemma. And it’s safe to say, the film has got us feeling all kinds of ways. Despite us being literally told that we are all addicted to our screens and social media apps are monetising from that, of course we all logged into Twitter to share a whole bunch of The Social Dilemma memes straight after watching. Why are we like this?

Everyone has felt like throwing their phones at the wall, deleting every app from their lives and never looking at a social media app ever again. Yet here we are. Here are the best memes about and reactions to The Social Dilemma on Netflix so far.

1. Why am I like this??

The Social Dilemma, Netflix, memes, meme, reaction, Twitter, reviews, documentary

2. Cya x

3. Yikes

4. Omg deep x

5. Who? Me?

6. Too true


8. I hate myself

9. It’s been nice knowing you all x

10. We will never change


12. Good night

13. Call me a fool x

14. This isn’t a joke I did this

15. Hehehehehe love that from me x

16. Hun are u ok? x

17. The answer is no x

18. Shook right through to my very core

19. They cannot be trusted

20. Lmao savage

The Social Dilemma, Netflix, memes, meme, reaction, Twitter, reviews, documentary

21. Bye x

22. Ok this hit hard


24. I hate the world

25. I’m out

The Social Dilemma is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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