It’s official: These are the uni cities where students spend the most on nights out

The most important uni stat tbh

If you’re one of those people who excruciatingly takes the time trying to find the 30p non-brand baked beans, who will literally fight someone to get that last reduced item, only to go and blow a shit-tonne of money on alcohol that very same evening, you should probably look away now.

What I’m about to reveal should be very high up on the list of extremely important factors to consider when going to uni. Course quality? Nah. Graduation prospects? Don’t care. Exact stats on the amount of money you will blow on sweet, sweet beverages? Give me the stats, and give me them now.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, London comes top of Natwest’s list, with students spending an average of £50.70 each month on going out. This isn’t a reflection on the mental alcoholics at uni there, rather it’s a reflection of the disgusting rip-off prices in the capital.

Sheffield comes second, with an average monthly spend on nights out coming to £39.80, which is pretty impressive considering you can get a Jäger for under a quid.

Liverpool comes third on £38.30, and Plymouth weighs in as the place where students spend the least on nights out, at a measly £24.70 a month.

How much does your uni spend out on nights out each month? Check it out below:

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