‘I used the wrong word’: Jess Glynne speaks up after being rinsed for discrimination post

Singer said she faced ‘pure discrimination’ being turned away from a restaurant

Following backlash at her Instagram post claiming that she had faced “pure discrimination” when she was turned away from London restaurant Sexy Fish, Jess Glynne has admitted she “used the wrong word” in a video shared this morning.

Taking to Instagram, Glynne had shared a photo of herself in a grey hoodie, black joggers and a pair of trainers, explaining in the caption that a staff member at the restaurant “looked me and my friend up and down” before saying “no, you can’t come in.”

After being mocked on Twitter, Glynne posted a video on her Instagram account explaining herself after the controversial original post. In the video, she admits that she “used the wrong word” when describing the actions of Sexy Fish, whom she said needed to “check themselves.”

In her statement about the controversy, she said that she made the comments to highlight that the Sexy Fish staff can “better themselves,” whilst explaining that her initial post was not due to a strict dress code, but due to the way that Glynne was spoken to by the staff.

The caption of the IG video reads: “Just want you guys to understand that I posted a picture of my attire as I was very aware of what I was wearing and it wasn’t about the dress code. I was out on a Monday afternoon and just passed by the restaurant and was blown back by the rudeness of the staff. Once again I used the wrong word for my explanation and I recognise that. Mistake.”


Though some fans have accepted her statement, many have accused Glynne of missing the point, with one comment on her video saying: “You got treated like a normal person and you can’t handle. Shame.”

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