addison rae blackfishing

Addison Rae is being accused of ‘blackfishing’ by people on Twitter

It comes after a video she posted on her Snapchat

Addison Rae, who has 49.1m followers on TikTok, has been accused of “blackfishing” by people on Twitter after she posted a video of herself on Snapchat.

In the video Addison is getting her makeup done and her face appears a much darker colour than her natural skin tone.

The video caused many people on Twitter to accuse Addison of “blackfishing” with some claiming things like: “nobody’s talking about addison rae switching up ethnicities on us”.

And many shared side by side comparison photos of Addison in which she appears darker in the Snapchat video than in other photos or videos.

Since the allegations against her, Addison has not posted a video on TikTok since 29th June. She has also not posted on her Instagram in nearly a week or written a tweet since 30th June.

Addison Rae has not responded to the  allegations, but has been contacted for comment.

Blackfishing is a term for white people altering their appearance in order to seem black or mixed race. Some people consider it akin to blackface because they claim it allows white people to “capitalise” off the appearance of those who have been repeatedly oppressed.

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