Subway wrappers and pinky promises: The best Depop Dramas to come out of lockdown

This truly is our light through the darkness

You know when you’ve been mindlessly scrolling your phone for hours, refreshing and refreshing just for an extra two new tweets or Insta posts from people you don’t really care about. You’ve watched all the Netflix you can. Your eyes feel like they’re going square. The serotonin levels are so low it’s like you had a large night yesterday but really all you did was rewatch Ozark with your mum and there’s nothing large about that. Then you refresh again, just about ready to give up on your phone and resort to staring at a wall for an hour. Refresh. The screen loads. A light in the darkness appears, a saving grace: it’s a fresh Depop Drama. And fuck, it’s FUNNY. The serotonin returns, your will to live is temporarily recharged, you even let out a faint chuckle (the type of chuckle you’d type as HAHAHAHAH but is really more huheh in real life). For a second, life is good again and you forget everything to do with lockdown, low moods, losing the will to live and uh… loronavirus.

So for a jam packed hit of that goodness, all in one punch, here is a collection of the best Depop Dramas to come out of lockdown – and they’re good. The type of Depop Dramas so good they’ll make you think “wow, people really have gone insane in lockdown” and “how do these people even exist” and also “no really, how do these people even exist, they must be doing these things just to get on Depop Drama at this point”. Oh well, who cares, just read and be at peace for a few minutes. (P.S for a note from Depop Drama themselves on what it’s like running a chaotic account in the most chaotic of times, read to the end.)

1. Over cautious parents

2. Now this is just lame

Fuck off outta here Daisy Buchanan.

3. Dirty underwear

“No way tha could of happened.”

4. Right man just fucking calculate it

5. Extreme chaotic energy or extremely bad liar

6. Sorry didn’t mean to send that

7. The savagery

8. I love how aggy this app has become

9. Cry into your Palace beanie

10. Really don’t know who’s side I’m on here

11. My goodness!

12. It’s always the post office

I gagged.

13. It’s a doggy dog world

13. Just guys bein dudes x

14. Cassie from Skins is on Depop

15. Defending your mate’s honour by way of Depop threats

16. So you really tryna @ every single girl on this app huh

17. Gonna start saying this now

18. Pisstake ennit

19. Gap yah x

20. Not a bad deal tbf but I’ve heard they’re not for resale

21. Royal Mail in the time of the coronavirus be like

22. Paedo behaviour

23. And a personal fave of mine… Subway top

24. Free the rat

25. ‘She saw me pick my nose literally just once’

26. This is going to sound like I’m making excuses but

27. Yes my young drilla

28. Once again that pesky post office

29. Ah yes… a good cause

30. On ket 24/6

31. Burry her in

32. Just can’t help it I get bored

33. Oh, my god

34. Oh cripes

35. Pinky promise?

36. And to end on a high

We’re saved!

@depopdrama told The Tab: “I definitely think drama has been getting crazier. People are using Depop more during the pandemic and it’s created a lot more of a buzz around buying and selling. Obviously with more users signing up to Depop, means more drama!

“The craziest ones have been when someone found a frog in their package, and most recently a mealworm! Depop Drama has had a massive surge of more dramas, so it’s taken a lot longer to go through submissions but we are getting there!”

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