Here’s how to find and use all the BEST Instagram story filters to impress your followers

I’ve always wanted to be the bouncing DVD logo

If there’s one way to impress your followers amid the national lockdown, its with an extravagant Instagram story filter. Perhaps catching them off guard with demonic all-black eyes, or providing a very elegant reminder that you are an angel and as usual are floating about in the clouds somewhere above the crisis we find ourselves in at the moment. Everyone loves an Instagram filter, whether its one you tap to reveal something about yourself that your followers didn’t ask for, or a very discreet improvement on your own eyebrows, it doesn’t matter if it makes it to your story or not, everybody is using them.

Finding these Instagram story filters is however, a problematic experience. More than often, you’ve skipped past it too quickly and can’t find it again, or you’re typing random words into the search bar in attempts to find a filter which by this point feels like a needle in a haystack. Some of these Instagram story filters have names that are completely unrelated to what they actually present; a rainbow filter named ‘DARK TIMES’ for example. You find yourself asking: How do I find this impressive Instagram story filter? And then, How do I use it?

In a gracious attempt to save you from falling into the deep and dark rabbit hole of the Instagram filter search section, we’ve compiled a list of the best instagram filters and where to find them. It’s now easier than ever to start living as an Insta Baddie in lockdown. Consider this a tutorial on Instagram Story Filters; how to find them, and more importantly how to use them.

digital video disc by @gk3

The DVD filter has been floating about on the edgiest of Insta stories. The bouncing DVD logo is nostalgic for anyone who can remember a bleak time before Netflix, when we would pretend to find entertainment in watching those three letters bounce around the screen when the DVD was scratched.

This filter is entertaining though. Not only does it allow you to plant your face in the centre of the DVD logo, but it can also be altered depending on your mood. It’s flexible, applicable for anything life throws your way allowing you to express the difficult emotions of ‘uhh’, ‘LOL’, ‘WTF’ and ‘WAT’ with your followes can be tough, but this filter by @gk3 will sort you out.

McLOVIN by @crackolino

Lockdown has had us all taking on new lockdown personas, but sometimes taking on a new suggestively productive hobby is not enough to fill the void of social distancing. When this all ends, shall I change my name? Will I be the one to have such a drastic glow-up that I’ll have to re-introduce myself to my friends?

This Instagram Story filter created by @crackolino proves that sometimes, things don’t have to be so existential. Revisit your pre-uni days by using the Superbad inspired fake ID. I am McLovin!


To find these filters just search @ramenpolanski on the browse feature. Polanski covers all your needs when it comes to Insta filters. Fluffy brows are hot right now, and Polanski provides the filter that makes your casual tamed brows into Cara Delevinge bush babies. I am convinced that if someone where to flick through my story they would assume this were a natural look, a filter for those looking to catfish.

The first filter, ‘LES YEUX’ takes you from a two-eyed normie to Ezra Miller at the 2019 Met Gala instantly, no make-up required, perfect recreation of the look required. ‘FLUORESCENCE’ succeeds in making sure your followers know your culture, a filter that makes you into Burns’ Alien from The Simpsons. Don’t be afraid.

Baby by @_.sunflower._._

The Baby filter by @_.sunflower._._ allows you to get a ‘Baby’ tattoo above your eyebrow without the staggering pain. It also attempts to apply blush and freckles to your cheeks, which in my case appear more like a swelling or rash. I never claimed to understand these filters.

Sparkle Crown, Knight at the Museum and Head in the Clouds by

If you’re looking to feel like Beyonce during lockdown, the Sparkle Crown Instagram story filter by is the one to use. It accepts you for your own natural beauty, whilst making sure each and every one of your followers knows you hold the same values as Queen B herself, affective. The Knight at the Museum filter comes as a nice surprise amid stories about Boris Johnson after the afternoon briefing, and ‘Head in the Clouds’ lets your followers know you can still style face paint over the age of 11.

Clouds by @pablozwrong

This one does what it says on the tin, it places you in and amongst clouds. Remind your followers of how dreamy you are by posting this to your story, add a drifty Bon Iver track for ultimate Softboi effect. Thanks, @pablozwrong.

1312, Narcisse and ZOUFRIYA by @johwska

@johwska finally gave us all the abilities to place ourselves in the centre of a Billie Eilish music video, we no longer have to rub thick gloopy liquid all over our faces just to fit in. To find the middle Instagram filter search the simple term, Narcisse, which also aims to educate your following on the highest of film culture: I, Robot.

Flora, Flowerful and Faces by @nahir.esper

@nahir.esper provides filters for the arty people on your uni course, the individuals with Kanken bags and stick n pokes they did when they were troubled aged 13. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not people would enjoy having your face in the Tate, try these filters out first. Now you know how to find the best Instagram story filters, use them wisely.

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