These 23 did it work memes absolutely worked

Shrek in knee high boots? For sure

Have you been on Twitter recently and seen a pair of legs in a knee high boots paired with the top half of Shrek or Timothée Chalamet? No? Well let me introduce you to the “did it work” memes. They are taking over Twitter and I’m loving every second of it.

The most famous legs on the Internet right now belong to Lisa from the K-pop band Blackpink. She wore the black boots and booty shorts in a solo dance performance video. People have been using screenshots of her legs with the top half of animated characters, male celebrities and the occasional animal. And it honestly improves some of them. Louis Theroux in a pair of knee high boots? Didn’t know I needed that till now.

They’re weird, wonderful hybrid creations and you need to see all of them. These are the 23 funniest of those “did it work” memes:

1. I am speechless

2. Is it just me or does this look work for Timothée?

3. Disney isn’t PG anymore

4. Dramatic to say the least

5. Kurt would defo have this look in his wardrobe

6. Just going to cry and laugh at the same time

did it work memes

7. A mix up

8. Modern art?

9. Werk it Jacob Rees-Mogg

10. Love it Louis

11. Madagascar is different to what I remember

12. Weird flex from The Pope, but ok

13. Why does Gru look like he’s telling The Pope off?

14. What a look

15. This definitely works on Nicholas Cage

16. Wowww

17. A cheeky bee

18. Luigi looks like he’s enjoying himself

19. Iconic

20. Even Netflix getting involved

21. Honestly, major improvement to Star Trek

22. Is this cute, I can’t decide?

23. My child better look this cool in the womb

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