Meet the famous kids of TikTok who are dragging their celeb parents into videos

Imagine Judy Dench in a TikTok

Beyond the “my best friend is rich” and “famous relative” checks, it seems like you can’t scroll more than 2 videos down on TikTok without seeing a blue tick doing the renegade next to their massive swimming pool in their massive house. Like, is everyone that uses the app just really loaded or are they just pretending? Well, there’s on group of TikTokers who need not have accusations of pretending, and that’s because they’ve got the ultimate proof of being loaded in their videos – their super famous parents.

There’s Ramsays here, there’s Beckhams there, and there’s even bloody Judi Dench’s knocking about (we’ll get onto that). Here’s a selection of the children of famous people making TikToks right now:

Tilly Ramsay

One of Gordon Ramsay’s three daughters, Tilly, is not only a presenter herself, but has a TikTok account where she has uploaded just five videos thus far. Every single one involves her father, obviously:

@tillyramsayMum and dad couldn’t learn this quick enough so I let them be back up dancers @gordonramsayofficial♬ #hiteverybeat – lulbabyynelii

The problem with parents that are in media is that they just can’t bare to not be involved when it comes to a camera being present, even if it means being ridiculed into doing some stupid dance – any other parent would tell their child to fuck off, but Gordon even has his own TikTok account!

@gordonramsayofficialHow’d I do on 24 Hours to Hell Back tonight trying to ##getthelook ?? ##fyp♬ One Thing Right – Marshmello & Kane Brown

It’s hard to imagine that he was bullied into making it by his management – lame.

Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham has gathered over 300k followers and nearly 1.5 million likes on the platform, using it as any normal teenager does rather than relying too much on his background, although he has one TikTok with his mum, Victoria Beckham.

He does dance challenges with his mates, shows of some of his football skills, and even engages with popular trends and audios on the app.

@romeob7♬ NANANA – __liene__

Sam Williams (Judi Dench’s grandson)

Shit, let’s just start off by saying that this man looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran looks like Ed Sheeran. Aside from this he also happens to be the only grandson of national treasure Judi Dench, so no competition for her attention on that front then. He does lots of TikToks based around trends, so it’s good to know that his content doesn’t solely rely on, you know, being Judi Dench’s grandson.

@sam.williams1Quarantine edition…. ##fyp ##foryou ##xyzbca ##famousrelative ##judidench♬ Cheryl – Yung Gravy

His mother, Finty Williams, is also an actress, who apparently didn’t tell Judy that Sam was being born until days before the birth, which was in June 1997, making Sam 22.

@sam.williams1When you try to tell your grandma some jokes….. ##foryou ##fyp ##famousrelative ##judidench ##jamesbond♬ original sound – sam.williams1

Unfortunately, Dench suffers from macular degeneration, and now needs someone to read scripts to her in order to learn her lines. We’re just looking forward to the TikToks that they’re going to make together in person once we’re all out of lockdown.

Coco Arquette (Courtney Cox’s daughter)

Coco Arquette has over 350k followers on the app, and on first inspection it probably isn’t all that obvious that she’s Monica from Friends’ daughter. But then when you look at the facial expressions, and some of the shared features you can tell straight away. Oh, and the fact that they did a TikTok together like everyone else on this list:

@cocoarquette_Hi quarantine content😫😡🥵🤮🤑♬ Skinny Legend Anthem – Ava Louise featuring Big Dick Chima

She too spends most of her time following TikTok trends like most normal teenagers, and has a pretty good sense of humour when it comes to videos that don’t involve her famous family:

@cocoarquette_##greenscreen true story.♬ jxmyhighroller tingz – .arjunn

Holly Robertson (Davina McCall’s daughter)

Holly Robertson is one of Davina McCall’s daughters, and has made a couple of TikToks to show this off. It started with the classic famous relative check:

@holly_robertson22Big up mumzy♬ famous relative check – gretadnorris

And then Davina featured again, this time miming audio – they’re so normal!

@holly_robertson22You’re live on tik tok, please do not swear ##bigbrother ##fyp ##xyzbca ##foryou ##quarantine♬ PLEASE use this sound – mimimearns

Here’s some “famous relative check” videos for other family members of celebs:

Chuck Norris

@gretadnorrisfun fact, chuck norris is my grandpa ##chucknorris ##famousrelative ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ famous relative check – gretadnorris

Chloe Ferry

@amy_ferryChloe ferry from Geordie shore is my sister ##chloeferry ##sister ##family ##famousrelativecheck♬ famous relative check – gretadnorris

Lele Pons

@neeenib1st cousin😇♬ famous relative check – gretadnorris

Howie Mandel

@neeenib1st cousin😇♬ famous relative check – gretadnorris

Zane Hijazi

@hidayahijazi ♬ famous relative check – gretadnorris

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