What is the OnlyFans house meme and where does it come from?

Just moved into my dream house at 22 🤠

What do you call someone who makes content on OnlyFans?

There’s no punchline here, we’re genuinely wondering. A creator? An OnlyFanser? Whatever it is, there’s one word that should be used, and that’s millionaire. They’re making an obscene amount of bank, with some users having made up to £10k a month through the service, and who are we to complain about their hustle?

You will have seen a photo meme doing the rounds at the moment which is accompanied by the phrase “Say whatcha want about OnlyFans, but I just moved into my dream house at 22”. Whether it’s Michael’s house from GTA V, or a slightly risqué photo of a certain famous Portugese villa, everyone is getting in on the action right now. It all started with @sarvanieloheimo, who tweeted out that she’d just bought her dream house:

As you can see, Sarvani is 22, she has a huge house and she’s got it all from the thousands of pounds that she’s presumably milking from lonely teenagers through OnlyFans. It’s unclear how she made her fame to begin with as she has 65k followers on Instagram and well over 70k followers on her Twitter, but if she’s making enough to buy a house then you do the maths.

Soon enough she had to turn her Twitter account private as people all over the internet ridiculed her original post and to be honest, they’re pretty funny (if not a bit of a mystery if you don’t get the reference):













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