Grindr has increased the number of viewable profiles for free because of COVID-19

Self-isolation, but make it sexy

For a limited time, queer dating site Grindr, has made some premium features free, showing that self-isolation doesn’t have to be as bad as what it may seem.

Acknowledging that many of the gays will be working from home or self-isolating under new recommendations from the government to do so, Grindr has made the premium feature of being able to see up to 300 profiles in your area free, meaning that you can chat with even more eligible bachelors in your area.

The app which we know and love for being able to match you with the man of your dreams (within locality) has proved that once again, they are serving just what the gays need in this time of despair.

Gay rights x

Vitally important of course, given that many students will have returned to their native areas which will most likely be rather thin on the ground in men in comparison to university, which may seem like San Francisco in comparison to the Yorkshire Moors.

The app, which hosts a number of premium features, similar to that of Tinder gold, is usually £7.99 per month, is now free meaning that you have triple the number of visible profiles, allowing for nudes from quarantine to be nowhere near as problematic, as our usual love lives may be.

Arranging visible profiles in order of how close they are to you, gay rights have prevailed once again.

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