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These are the best dressed people from this year’s London Pride

And you thought your festival outfit was out there

Well over a million people flooded the streets of London for the 50th annual Pride event since the first Stonewall uprising in New York.

According to the BBC, the march featured more than 30,000 people from over 600 businesses, groups, and organisations. The Red Arrows were even brought in for a flypast.

The Parade ran from Portland Place station to Trafalgar Square. Many famous faces were among those marching, including Little Mix, Sir Ian McKellen, and Sam Smith.

We've scoured high and low for the best pics from the parade, and have compiled them all below. If these won't make you want to go to Pride next year, nothing will:

You can't see it but that thing on his head is an actual giant bird

Don't get ruffles like these if you want to keep out the cold – they look pretty thin

If you've ever wanted to use face paint to show off your nose, try this:

Pretty sure that headdress was nabbed from the V&A

Vodka said gay rights, guys

If you look closely you can actually hear the Fiat 500 engine

Bet their feet were aching by the end of the day

And a nice close-up to show they were ALSO wearing glitter

Not pictured: Little Mix's bodyguards… presumably

EXCLUSIVE: Sam Smith drinks Kronenberg

Sir Ian McKellen's water bottle in the pocket is an energy in itself

It's a little known secret everyone on the march just gets super drunk


I'm pretty sure I saw the one on the left in a Nintendo game once

Nice touch with the rainbow laces on the one boot

I don't think that hair is real but shhhh

Nice background, very striking

I can't tell whether that headgear is really cool or really creepy

When you have Pride at 1 but Lazy Town rehearsals at 5


Pretty sure that skirt is actually a throw of some kind

The L with the T march was very special

Do you reckon he knows the priest from Fleabag?

The Gaymers honestly showed everyone up

Getting kicked by those boots would probably give you a year's concussion

The 'Pride Float Vehicle' sticker really dampens the edgy vibe doesn't it?

Winner of the most flammable looking wig

Wandering the streets in fetish gear never looked so wholesome

'Alexa, play Old Town Road'

Honestly everyone who didn't wear this many rainbows wasn't trying hard enough

Re: The Gaymers making everyone look a bit amateur hour

The hockey club literally just had matching t shirts…

… and the rugby team had James Haskell

The Stags came in full kit

As did the rowers

This lot were kept out of the parade as there was no room for their hair

You can actually get a rainbow blazer on Amazon for about £20

Bet your graduation gown feels a bit bland now

If my wedding doesn't involve cowboy hats I honestly don't want to know

This moustache can cut glass, believe me

Don't let the sunnies fool you, it was cloudy throughout

At least he'll float in deep water

That top looks like it might cut the nips off

Double points for meaningful signs

Featured image via Instagram (@pxppyrose)

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