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PM tells UK to avoid pubs, clubs and all mass gatherings

The isolation period has increased to two weeks

Boris Johnson has announced that the UK population are to avoid pubs, clubs and other social venues. He also urges people to work from home.

He said: “We need people to start working from home and you should avoid pubs, clubs… and other such social venues”.

In his live address to the nation today for regular coronavirus updates Boris Johnson has also increased the time an individual is to stay in isolation from seven days to 14 days.

From tomorrow the government will no longer be “supporting” mass gatherings using emergency workers.

He also said we should all avoid unessential social contact and unessential travel in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The PM said even if no one in a family has the symptoms  “There is more we need you to do now.

“Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others, and to stop all unnecessary travel.”

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