Netflix’s Aaron Hernandez doc is ‘outstanding’, ‘revolting’ and ‘wild’

‘I met Aaron in 2012 and thought he was the nicest dude ever’

Netflix has just released a documentary about former NFL player Aaron Hernandez and it’s already being called one of the most “outstanding” true crime documentaries yet.

The three part docuseries explores his crimes and includes exclusive courtroom footage and tapes of Hernandez’s phone calls from prison. People are saying how “wild” and “revolting” the true crime documentary is, with one person, who met Hernandez in the same year he was accused of murder, saying they can’t believe the series’ content.

What is the Aaron Hernandez documentary about?

“Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” is all about the life and crimes of the NFL player. The Netflix synopsis for the show says the series is “examining what led to the murderous fall and shocking death of former NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez.”

The documentary takes you through the struggles in his early life, how he became one of the biggest NFL players of his generation and then ended up as a convicted killer. Hernandez was charged with first degree murder in 2013, just a year after signing a $40 million contract with the New England Patriots football team. He was found guilty in 2015 and then died by suicide in 2017.

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Aaron Hernandez in court, via Netflix

The Aaron Hernandez documentary is being called ‘outstanding’ and ‘revolting’

The reviews of the Aaron Hernandez documentary show it’s got people thinking a lot. One tweet described it as “outstanding”, whilst another added that the story is “revolting”.

Another person added that they had met Aaron Hernandez in 2012, the same year he was investigated over a double murder. The tweet read: “Bro this Aaron Hernandez documentary is wild. In 2012 I met him in Aruba and had a full conversation with him and thought he was the nicest dude ever. Shit’s crazy.”

More reviews added that the three-part documentary is definitely a binge watch, saying: “Don’t start the Aaron Hernandez documentary until you have three full hours free because you ain’t turning that thing off.”

More tweets described the doc as “wild”, “sad” and “crazy”.

Watch the trailer for ‘Killer Inside’ here:

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