The Apprentice group chat screenshots leak exposing Lottie’s ‘racist’ message

Even more dramaaaaa

The Apprentice contestant Lubna Farhan has shared screenshots of The Apprentice WhatsApp group where fellow contest Lottie Lion called her “Ghandi”.

34-year-old Lubna, whose parents are from Pakistan, posted the screenshot to Twitter, along with the comment: “This is part of the original Group chat and as everyone can see that she DID make the Gandhi comment – and I was NOT laughing. Shame on her – just more attention seeking nasty behaviour. Thank you to the BBC and everyone for the support”

In the heated exchange the two women were discussing how they would come across in the BBC show.

Lubna wrote: “I am happy my integrity was never questioned during my time on the show, however short, so I am proud of myself”.

Lottie replied: “Neither was mine you wetwipe”.

“Sometimes people with a character are characterless”, Lubna said.

Lottie replied: “Shut up Ghandi that doesn’t even make sense”.

The release of the screenshots come shortly after Lottie spoke exclusively to the Sun to defend racist allegations that were being investigated by the BBC.

The 19-year-old librarian told The Sun she is “not a racist and I stick to that.”

Lottie attempted to defend racist allegations by stating: “I have got a good friend here who is black. I’ve also dated a black chap, he’s in the Marines. And I have absolutely ­nothing against their culture or the colour of their skin.”

Lubna quickly jumped to Twitter to argue against her claim, writing: “Her WHOLE interview is FAKE news! No one laughed at her racist comments or knew that her friend passed away (for all we know he may be alive!). She talks about taking antidepressants but mocks people who need counselling because of HER? Seems she is the 1 that needs to toughenUp”

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Lottie’s interview also featured many comments surrounding her mental health.

The 19-year-old said that when the allegations came out, “Lubna decided to villainise me it had such a huge impact on me. I was prescribed anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication, which I have been on in the past.”

This is not the only drama to surround the librarian.

Lottie was alleged to have had a “night of passion” with fellow The Apprentice contestant Lewis Ellis, whilst on location filming in Finland.

It was rumoured the pair attempted to hide it from fellow contestants but it was soon common knowledge.

A source told The Sun: “It was no secret among hopefuls that Lottie and Lewis had a night of passion together while abroad on a task. They tried to keep it on the down-low but word soon spread.”

Bet things are heating up in that group chat now.

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