The 21 bizarre and confusing questions I have for In the Tall Grass on Netflix

What did I just watch, seriously?

Netflix has been releasing a lot of weird films recently. Tall Girl was arguably one of the dumbest, and Secret Obsession was just plain strange. But there’s a new addition to the list: In the Tall Grass.

The horror- thriller film is based on the novella with the same name by Joe Hill and Stephen King. It’s about a brother and sister called Becky and Cal, who are on a road trip when they pull over near some very long grass. That’s where the normality ends. They then hear a boy in the field crying out for help so decide to go in and save him. By doing so they  enter the weird and wonderful world of the Tall Grass, which is one big time loop with no concept of time and space.

Honestly, the film is one of the most peculiar and confusing things you will ever watch. After watching you’ll be seriously questioning how you just spent the last hour and 40 minutes of your life. Here’s 21 bizarre questions you will definitely have about In the Tall Grass on Netflix.

*Contains spoilers for In the Tall Grass on Netflix*

1. Why did Becky follow Cal in the first place?

She’s pregnant, yet thought it would be a great idea to go parading into a field of really tall grass looking for a random child. Logic.

2. Why would Cal go looking for a missing child… without his glasses?

The first thing Cal says when he’s in over his head in grass is “I left my glasses in the car.” WHO goes LOOKING for things without the things you NEED to SEE with?


So Becky and Cal decide to jump up so they can’t see where the other one is. Which is the smartest thing they’ve thought of so far. When they first jump – they’re pretty close. But then they jump again to check and they’ve moved?! What is happening here?

4. Who hurt Tobin and his family in a past life?!

They are so weird I can’t get my head around it.

In the Tall Grass, Netflix, film, horror, thriller, plot, questions, confusing, spoilers, Tobin, Ross

In the Tall Grass on Netflix

5. It seems nobody in this film knows how to stick together?

They all go running all over the place and get angry when they lose each other. I just don’t understand why anyone would go into a maze of grass where you have no idea where you’re going and you wouldn’t make sure you stayed together?

6. Ok so there’s this big ass rock but WHAT DOES IT DO?!

Right let me get this straight, in the Tall Grass there’s this huge rock. Ross keeps telling everyone to touch it, there’s weird markings all over it and Tobin seems to be petrified of it. What does it do? Why is it so important? Is it just… a rock?

In the Tall Grass, Netflix, film, horror, thriller, plot, questions, confusing, spoilers, rock,

What are you???

7. Is this film just an hour and 40 minutes of people calling each others names?

Cal! Becky! Becky! Tobin? Cal! Travis?! STOP IT.

8. What is the concept of time in this film?

One minute it’s day, next it’s night. Then it’s day again but you blink and it’s night. I’m all over the place to be honest.

9. How has nobody died of thirst or starvation?

It’s gone dark at least five times, so they’ve been in there a good few days. Yet you’re telling me nobody has dropped dead yet?

10. How does Tobin seem to know everything?

He’s a child, yet he’s the only one that gets what’s going on. Tobin is legitimately the only smart character in this whole film. He’s clocked on to what the grass is all about, he knows how dangerous the rock is and he knows they are all screwed. Clever Tobin, be more Tobin.

In the Tall Grass, Netflix, film, horror, thriller, plot, questions, confusing, spoilers, Tobin

The hero of this entire film


Honestly Netflix, that was too much. The true victim of this film is Freddie, he deserved so much more.


People are dying, coming back, being killed, dying and coming back over and over again. People are entering the grass, roaming around for a bit, then entering again. It’s really exhausting.

13. Are these people dead or are they alive please just answer me this


14. What on earth is this weird blood-baby-heartbeat montage thing?

Becky loses one spec of blood and suddenly we’re transported into this strange montage of grass, blood, crows, a beating heart and her unborn child. This is hurting my eyes I don’t know what’s happening.

In the Tall Grass, Netflix, film, horror, thriller, plot, questions, confusing, spoilers,

In the Tall Grass on Netflix


I can’t get over that, what did I just watch?! He did it in front of his son! This is seriously messed up. Like, Netflix I really would love to have gone on living my life without having seen that.

In the Tall Grass, Netflix, film, horror, thriller, plot, questions, confusing, spoilers, Ross, Natalie


16. Why did the rock turn into this weird sex thing for Ross?!

What did he just whisper to Becky?? “Do you want to see me inside you”???? This took a turn and I don’t like it.

17. Who are these grass people?!

More people? Made of grass? Is Netflix trying to melt my brain or?

18. Becky has had the baby?!

She is six months gone this isn’t ok!!

19. Did Cal just FEED Becky her own newborn child?!

This is the most messed up thing I have ever watched. Why did I just see someone’s brother feeding them their baby saying it’s seeds???? Who wrote this??? Are they ok???

20. I’m fed up of people dying and coming back, how much longer is this going to go on for?

It’s getting to the point now where I’m just bored of watching them die and come back to life.

In the Tall Grass, Netflix, film, horror, thriller, plot, questions, confusing, spoilers, ending, Travis

In the Tall Grass on Netflix

21. And just what exactly was I meant to take from that ending please?

In the ending we see Travis touch the rock and then propel Tobin out of the grass and into the, let’s say, real world. Tobin goes back in time to be a past version of himself with the orders that he mustn’t let Becky go into the grass.

But now Travis is stuck in the grass forever and I’m really confused what I was meant to take from this entire film?

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