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Eight items from Molly-Mae’s new PrettyLittleThing collection ALREADY existed

That’s nearly a fifth!!!!!

PrettyLittleThing has confirmed eight of Molly-Mae's new 49-item collection were already on sale.

Fans have been accusing the whole collection of being a sham after this tweet suggested a black skirt in the collection was actually just an existing item.

In a response, PrettyLittleThing admitted nearly a fifth of the collection already existed: "Eight of the items in Molly’s collection were previous best selling lines from PLT."

The Mirror even managed to match items from the collection to old items on the site, including a puff sleeve crop shirt and a one-shoulder blazer dress.

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However, the items are available in different colours in Molly-Mae's collection.

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However, they also told OK! Molly-Mae came to them with a mood board and was a big part of the process.

"Molly has been fully involved in the design process of this collection and has worked extremely hard with the PLT team of in house designers in bringing her collection to life.

"She came to PLT with a mood board of ideas and we sketched some new styles which are in the collection as well as making tweaks and amends to PrettyLittleThing basics."

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They added: "Molly will be relaunching her YouTube channel this week where she will be taking her viewers through the collection process and discussing her collaboration with PrettyLittleThing."

Among all the "feud" rumours, Molly-Mae's been doing well with her £500,000 PrettyLittleThing deal. It's the biggest sponsorship for any Love Island 2019 contestant so far. On her Instagram story, Molly-Mae said: "If you know me, you will know this is the biggest dream come true."

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