Pret is giving away FREE vegan cookies today!!!

Be still my beating vegan heart

Prepare to have your vegan minds blown because Pret A Manger is giving away vegan cookies for the perfectly reasonable price of £0.00.

Between 3pm and 4pm today, customers can go to any Pret branch and claim their dark chocolate and almond butter cookies from staff who'll be handing them out.

But there's a "fun" twist – you have to give a secret password to the staff. The password, and you might want to hold your breath for this one, is "bake my day". Yup. You have to say that out loud to another human for your cookie.

The cookies are made with vegan dark chocolate, almond butter, and a little sea salt. According to a spokesperson for Pret, they're "rich, sweet, gooey treats" and (somehow) have lots of fans "on social media".

Pret already does a number of vegan products, including "vegan mac and greens" and the "vegan ragu and red pepper wrap".

A spokesperson for Pret said: "We know our Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie is one of our customers’ favourites – we’ve had hundreds of messages from vegans and non-vegans alike, telling us how much they love it.

"Enjoy it on us this Friday afternoon. It’s delicious when paired with a cup of our organic coffee or English Breakfast Tea!"

You've got until 3pm to muster the courage to go to a real life Pret and muster the courage to say the words "bake my day" with your mouth. Honestly, good luck to you.

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