You can now buy the period delay pill from the high street

Unpack your tampons ladies

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It's summer, you're going on holiday and you're all excited to tan without a care in the world but your period has other ideas. However, Superdrug has our backs as you can now buy the period delay pill from them. Previously, you would have to book an appointment at the GP which is a faff.

The period delay pill, also known as the holiday pill, is called Norethisterone. Norethisterone, also found in the contraceptive pill, mini pill and progestogen only pill, is a synthetic version of progesterone.

You can get it from Superdrug by filling in a quick questionnaire that asks about your general health and ensures you understand the potential risks associated with the period delay pill. So as if by magic, hot girl summer is HERE.

To delay your period, the first pill must be taken three days before your period is due and your period will not start until three days after the last pill is taken. Some women may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

You can delay your period by taking three pills a day. You have to pay the £9 NHS prescription charge and can buy a pack of 30, 60 or 90 pills which delay your period for 10, 20 and 30 days respectively. Prices start at £29 for a 30 pill pack.

Side effects may include disrupted mood and sex drive, nausea, breast tenderness and headaches.

If you're on the combined contraceptive pill then you won't need this pill as you can just continue taking it without taking a seven day break.

If you are on another contraceptive, such as the coil, then you can take the period delay pill. However, Norethisterone isn't a contraceptive so you will still need to use a condom if you have sex.

If you struggle with your mental health or have a history of blood clots you should consult your GP before taking Norethisterone.

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