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A serious investigation into which Love Islanders smoke

Anna loves a cigar

ITV banned smoking in the Love Island villa after thousands of people complained about the amount smoking shown on screen. This year's Islanders can still smoke, but only in a designated area where only one Islander can smoke at a time.

This season has been full of high intensity and stressful moments, so you can't help but wonder if the Islanders are running on their ones to the secret smoking area, just to get a breather from all the drama. We've undertaken a serious investigation into which Love Islanders smoke:


Does she smoke: Yes

Not only does Anna smoke, she smokes massive Cuban cigars, which I'm sure everyone watching Love Island felt like they needed after the whole Arabella-Danny-Yewande debacle. Does she get cigars in the villa, or does she have to smoke boring, tiny normal ciggies?


Does he smoke: No

Anton's mum might shave his bum for him, but no chance she'd let him smoke. Anton is way too gym lad to be smashing ciggies on a night out, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he was partial to the occasional vape.


Does she smoke: No

Smoking is not on brand for Molly-Mae. Molly-Mae is committed to being an influencer queen – her outfit is always on point, and she never has a hair out of place, and the lingering smell of cigarette smoke simply does not suit this kind of perfection. Her concern is getting the perfect gram, not fumbling around for a lighter.


Does she smoke: No

Despite her whole laidback, surfer chic, not-like-other-girls vibe, Lucie doesn't smoke. She told The Mirror: "I did lots of surfing three times a week in a gym. I don't drink or smoke."


Does he smoke: No

There is no room for cigarettes in boxer boy Tommy's life, after all, throwing punches and a hacking cough from too many 20 decks don't exactly go hand in hand.


Does she smoke: No

Amy was an air hostess, so it's no surprise that she isn't a smoker. Long haul flights are barely tolerable at the best of times, let alone whilst desperately craving your next nicotine fix.


Does he smoke: No

There's no proof of Joe being a smoker, but as he is a bit of a London party boy, surely he's impartial to the odd ciggie on a night out alongside an ice cold gin and tonic???


Does he smoke: No

Curtis has probably never even looked at a cigarette, he's far too innocent. And between being a ballroom dancer and giving shit grandad advice, where would Curtis even find the time to smoke?


Does he smoke: Yes

It's not clear if Tom actually smokes, or if he just poses with cigarettes to try and look edgy, but if any of the Islanders were to be smokers, it should be Tom, if only to put something other than his foot in his mouth.


Does he smoke: No

But it wouldn't be a surprise if he had the odd cigarette while he was working in clubs. He would definitely be the type to plough through ciggies on a very stressful shift, or a big night out, it's just another part of the whole boys night out vibe.


Does she smoke: No

She loves going out in the Toon and having a drink, but there's no evidence of Amber loving a ciggie in Tiger Tiger's smoking area.


Does she smoke: Yes

Maura's Instagram gives off big party girl vibes, so it's no surprise to see a ciggie on her Instagram. Plus she would've definitely sought refuge in the secret Love Island smoking area after that comment from Tom.


Does she smoke: No

Yewande is too pure for this world, and far too pure to smoke.


Does he smoke: No

Jordan's much more of an ice-lolly man than a ciggie man. He doesn't have time for rollies, he's too busy gymming, posing and being pouty. But maybe if things go well, Anna will have him on the cigars.


Does she smoke: No

Essex girl Elma is just not the type to be a smoker. Maybe she'd indulge in a menthol on a night out every now and then, but she'd never be a smoker.


Does she smoke: No

It's not the nineties anymore – the model behaviour brand is green juice smoothies and personal trainers like Kylie Jenner, not cigarettes and champagne like Kate Moss.

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